Which of the top 3-4 company makes the 'most synthetic' oil?


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...Nothing is truly synthetic anyway. Still all is made of naturally occurring materials. People can't make anything in the purist sense. So we combine them or react them, so what...
Well, yes and no.

We can take crude oil and synthesize any alcohol we choose, which is a synthetic alcohol, and then react that alcohol with a carboxylic acid to make an ester (a doubly synthesized product); or we can take an ethylene gas from the crude distillation process and synthesize it to make PAO (a multi-synthesized product). https://bobistheoilguy.com/

Or we can take an oil from a plant and transesterify it with those very pure synthesized alcohols to make an ester with much improved qualities.

So we can use natural products and synthesize them to make improved products. We can also take synthesized products and make more synthesized products.

We are not full of ourselves. We use the scientific method along with physics and chemistry to develop products with improved characteristics which benefits all of humanity.