Post your latest oil change

1994 Lexus ES300 251,029 miles.
Used Liqui Moly Engine Pro Line LM 2037 cleaner 20 min prior to draining.

Out: 5.5qts Kirkland FS 5w30, Purolator Boss PBL20195 filter. 3164 mi OCI / 7 months
Filter looks great. Would have gone two OCI had I not run the cleaner.

In: 5.5qts Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5w30 (2017), Fram Ultra XG3600 (2016)
Found these oldies hidden behind some stuff in the garage. I shook the oil multiple times but still found dark residue on the bottom had precipitated out of the oil over the years (guessing).
2023-03-27 Oil & Filter changed @ 251,029mi vsm.jpg
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2nd extraction. Car is a month old. 1700 miles. PUP 0W-40 - no filter change yet.

Since buying new, I always do my first two oil changes early during break-in. 500 miles and then again about about 2k. I’m a firm believer this reduces microscopic scoring and produces a better motor. On this Smartstream 1.6t hybrid fuel dilution is similar so extended OCI’s are not healthy. I’m going to extract every 3500 and filter every 7k miles.

The 3.3 twin turbo is probably the best engine Hyundai / Kia makes right now. Small but can easily make 600 lbs of torque. I can actually see fuel dilution creating LSPI with my tuning setup and logging. Right around 4200 miles it starts popping up. Even though I’m running e40 / 98 octane or so.


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