Post your latest oil change

Serviced the neighbor's van last week, 2003 GMC Safari 4.3 with 113k miles.
Out: 2 quarts Mobil 1 5w30 and 2.5 quarts Napa syn blend 5w30, Napa Gold 51036 filter (oversize).
In: 5 quarts Napa 5w30 synblend, Napa Silver 31036 filter (oversize).
Notes: 1570 miles and 9 months on this interval. Old oil level was near the low mark and old oil was dirty for the low mileage. Either the M1 FS helped clean out the engine or the constant short tripping is seriously hard on the oil, or both.
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2005 Buick LaCrosse CXL 3800 Series III
Miles: 157181
Oil Change Interval: 3921
Out: Pennzoil Platinum 5w30, AC Delco PF47E
In: FrankenBrew:
1 qt Pennzoil Platinum HM 10w30 SP
1 qt Pennzoil Platinum HM 5w30 SN
1 qt Pennzoil Platinum 5w30 SP
1 qt Quaker State Full Synthetic 10w30 SP
.8 qt Pennzoil Platinum Euro L 5w30 SN
ACDelco PF47E
If that doesn't bring Frankenstein back to life, nothing will. Love it. It's all from the same mother ship.
If that doesn't bring Frankenstein back to life, nothing will. Love it. It's all from the same mother ship.
Yeah, I was cleaning out odds-and-ends. They are all Shell products so I'm not too worried about compatibility, especially since I won't go past 3500 miles or so on this fill. After this I am likely switching to Pennzoil Platinum HM 10w-30 in the summer and PPHM 5w-30 in the winter.

The last UOA I had on this car showed the 5w30 I was running (STP synthetic) sheared down to 5w20 in about 3200 miles. I don't know if the PP that was in it most recently did the same shearing or not, as I don't have the UOA yet, but I've been told that the 3800 can be tough on oils and my mechanic says running 10w30 in the summer might be a good idea.
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2004 Toyota 4Runner, 216,681 miles.

Out: 5w-30 Quaker State high mileage blend, Fram PH8A
Oil in service 5,905 miles

In: 5w-30 Valvoline Conventional, Fram XG8A

I took a trip out to California to visit my parents and my Dad had 3 jugs of this Vavloline Conventional that he's had for years. They're sealed and have been stored in a cabinet. I figure I run it for 3,000 miles, dump it and run the next jug with the same filter on.


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Don't you just love older cars with use any oil you want convenience.
Yep, been using 20w50, 15w50 and 15w40 depending on the season for the past (roughly) 79000 miles since I got it in 2014/15 I believe.
I had a oil pressure sensor that was leaking out at least a quart per few days and a full one on long drives. I had a few instances where all I had to replenish up to two quarts with 0w20 shell TGT and QSUD I had got on clearance from autozone. Made the two hour drive from New Orleans to Lafayette no problem. M30 straight 6 is an awesome engine.
2021 Ford Mustang GT 5.0
Got bit by the BITOG bug and finally decided to try a Euro oil in the Coyote.

Out: 10 qts PP 5w-30 & MC FL-500S
In: 10 qts QSFS 5w-40 Euro & MC FL-500S

Haven’t decided if I’ll stick with Xw-40 or if I’ll go back to OEM spec 5w-30. I’ve been eyeballing the Valvoline EP 5w-30 and it’s 3.2 HTHS. Time will tell, I’m always wanting to try something new/different.


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Engine sound any different with the Euro spec oil?
Nope, the tick is back. Weirdly enough on my last fill of PP 5w-30 the tick was hardly noticeable, still there but very faint. Immediately after the change today it was there again. It’s ticked on Mobil 1, PUP, Motorcraft FS, all in 5w-30. And now it’s back with 5w-40. But the tick doesn’t bother me at all honestly. Usually it subsides about 1000-1500 miles into the OCI. Other than that, the engine is very smooth
2019 Ram 1500 Classic
Out: HPL PCMO PLUS 0w20, Mobil 1 filter
In: HPL “Overkill” Supercar 0w20, Mobil 1 filter
Also installed a Fumoto valve given my track record of seized oil drain plugs.

Went 5,874 miles on this OCI per the recommendations of Overkill and HPL. Currently at 37,355 miles on the odometer.
At 155k miles wife's Prius was treated to some Royal Purple HMX 5w30 that I got at a BOGO sale. OCI at 5k miles. Two 5-qt jugs is enough for three oil changes. The filter is a Union Sangyo.
2014 Buick Verano (2.4 ecotec)
51,875 miles
Out: unknown oil, unknown interval (OLM @ 7%)
In: Mobil 1 EP 5w30, Fram XG9018
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2014 Buick Verano (2.4 ecotec)
58,757 miles
Out: ^ (OLM @ 0%)
OCI: 6,882 miles, 2/8/22 to 3/24/23
In: Mobil 1 EP 5w30, AcDelco PF457G

I also drained and refilled the trans for the first time. The factory fill ATF was really dark, almost black and had a burnt smell. I refilled it with 4.5 quarts of synthetic Dexron VI. I’m aiming to do another drain and fill at the next oil change.