What would you use? Brake pad advice

All current M models come now with two-piece rotors. Other Mxxx models come with aluminum hats.

And that started with the E36 M3…circa 1993/1994.

Except for the North American models, which got one-piece rotors to go along with the S50US as part of the cost cap.
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These are what the front brakes on the SRT look like right now, not at the squealer, but getting close. They have 24,000km on them (15,000 miles):
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I figure the rotors are good for another set of pads, they aren't as chewed up as the one-piece ones on my 2016, these look pretty good still.

The dealer told me it's $3,000 to do the brakes, which, yeah, that's "typical" for this vehicle, you have to pay to play, but having brakes last like 30,000km, well, I'm curious if there are other options that might provide a bit longer pad life and be more cost effective.

I know there are a number of different pad brands out there that cater to the enthusiast market and will make pads that fit this application. The OE pads have an insane amount of bite, which in turn results in rapid wear.

So, what other options are BITOG'ers a fan of? And no @AutoMechanic it's not getting white box, lol.

I'm not trying to be cheap, and I'll buy OE if that's ultimately best, but I'm suspecting there's something that's a better balance of wear and bite available. @edyvw
On this vehicle I would just use OE Brembo.
Totally unrelated but brand new MB Metris only made it to 19,000kms before the front pads were toast.
Some vehicles are just horrible offenders when it comes to brakes.

Are the OE pads carbon ceramic?
I think they are carbon metallic. If you leave the vehicle in the wet for a few days, the pads rust to the rotors.
What type of vehicle are we dealing with? I can’t see your profile.

Cursory look at RA indicated $83 for a set of front Brembo branded ceramic pads for a 2016 Dodge Charger SRT (which I am assuming you are driving).
It's a 2020 Grand Cherokee SRT.
Hard to tell from photo how bad the rotors are really scored but looks like they need addressing. OEM rotor material is usually very good so I like to have my rotors resurfaced if they have not gone too far. Saves some dollars and will usually get you through to the next brake pad change and beyond. Found it well worth exploring.

If you are doing a lot of driving, (or in my case tracking) I have installed cryo-treated rotors. Did not find this a credible approach until researched. Found I get three/four times the life with cryo-treated rotors. The benefits are real! Was able to purchase from Tirerack but there are other several sources too.
pad slap in the year 2023 = shameful. you must machine the rotors on an on-car lathe no matter what

$86 brembo pads on rockauto are their new bootleg aftermarket line
I just did a quick search and it doesn't look like there's a lot of pads available for your vehicle unfortunately. Porterfield only has their R4S compound which is a street/AutoX compound. Hawk looks like really the only aftermarket "performance" pad manufacture available (and calling it performance is already a stretch), you can try out the Hawk DTC-60; it'll squeal like crazy though. Probably be best to just grab the factory ones if you're keeping the rotors or you'll have to replace the rings or find a shop that cuts 2-piece floating rotors.

FWIW; as far as I know the only true Brembo pads are their Motorsport pads. The rest are other manufactures with the brembo label.
@OVERKILL Are those Brembo pads? Just bcs. they are Brembo calipers; pads could be from various manufacturers.
I don't know, I haven't had them out, but that's a good question.

The Brembo replacement part # is P37018N using this:

and apparently they are a LOT less expensive than OE MOPAR 🤷‍♂️

They also show rotors, but not the 2-piece ones.

These pads are only $115 on Rock Auto...
On RockAuto set of front go for $350 MOPAR. On the photo, I cannot see who makes them. Akebono has a ceramic compound that is fairly cheap, some $53. You won't have dust, and they will last longer, but they won't bite nearly as aggressively as OE.
I cannot see any Euro brands available.
You could try HAWK. I know some in the BMW world say that their ceramic compound is much better than Akebono.
I've spent a lot of time in the UK/Europe and between actual car people here we say..

Friends don't let friends run EBC..

'extremely bad compounds' :D

they also spam the hell out of our forums via verticalscope but that's another story.

US options like stoptech and hawk and even the wilwood compounds are much nicer, as well as brembo and ATE... still within budget, I hope.
I know nothing about Chrysler/Jeep applications, but for late model Corvettes, many of us like

PowerStop Z26 ceramic pads for good street performance and low dusting.
They seem reasonably priced, the Extreme ones are only $126 Canadian.