Post your latest oil change

May 7, 2020
Ames, IA
2014 Chrysler Town and Country
96,847 miles
out: Havoline Pro DS 5w-20
Mopar Filter
3100 miles on the oil (changing before a cross country trip), 6 months on the oil.
in: Havoline Pro DS 5w-30
Mopar filter

I also used a turkey baster to empty the power steering reservoir and replace the oil with fresh oil.
2014 Chrysler Town and Country
102,307 miles, 5460 miles on the oil
Out: Havoline Pro DS 5w-30
Mopar filter
In: Havoline Pro DS 5w-30 and 1 quart Supertech 5w-30
Mopar filter

I dumped a quart of the Havoline in before I realized I hadn’t put the drain plug back in…..


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Aug 3, 2010
2008 Smart ForTwo 65,977 Miles

Out: Mobil 1 0w-40 and a Mobil 1 M1-108A filter
OCI: 3,245 Miles / 10 Months
In: Same combo. New 108A is longer than the old one for some reason.

2006 BMW 325ci 76,072 Miles

Out: Valvoline 0w-40 and a MANN HU925 / 4X
OCI: 4,635 Miles / 15 Months
In: Mobil 1 0w-40 and a MANN HU925 / 4X

2016 Honda Accord Sport 28,612 Miles

Out: Valvoline Extended Protection 0w-20 and a Honda A02
OCI: 5,586 Miles / 10 Months
In: Same Valvoline EP 0w-20 and a "Made in Japan" Honda RTA - 003 Filter.
The dealer (or Honda) must have changed their inventory away from the A02s.
I took another sample for a UOA. Here's the first for this car.
Oct 11, 2004
2019 Jetta SEL 1.4T
30,024 miles
*First oil change not free done by dealer
*noted oil on bottom of engine and in body tray. Filter was removable by hand, nice. Drain bolt was not overtorqued.

Out:OEM oil and OEM filter

In: VW 508.00 oil 0w20 4qts & Purolator Red filter.

Not happy as it looks like engine may be leaking from somewhere already. I've had to add 1/2qt both previous intervals. Of course, the dealer said nothing when they changed it. Warranty is 72k miles and 72mos on the 2019 so I'll keep an eye on things.
Feb 4, 2018
Berks County/Pa.
2006 Acura TL

Lady up the road from me. She works at the hospital my doctor is at.

90k on car
Out: Valvoline Syn HM 5w20 and TecSelect jobber filter.

In: some M1 0w20 AFE green cap I have stash of and Fram ultra 7317

Oil life monitor was at 48%
Probably alittle over 5 thousand miles on her old oil. That Acura TL has plenty of life in it yet.