What is/was your fav motorcycle(s)?

I’ve owned many bikes over the years as well so I’ll break them down as follows:

Favorite Tourer: Harley Road Glide
Favorite Sport Tourer: Honda Blackbird
Favorite Cruiser: Softail (still own)
Favorite Classic: Triumph Trophy
I'd have to say my previous FZ6, but now that I've upgraded to the FJ-09, it's the current fave!

That CP3 motor is something else.
All my bikes veered my favorites.
Going way back:
Horex 350 Thumper.
Horex 400 Twin
Victoria Bergmeister 350 V-Twin
1952 BMW R500
Toured Europe twice, once each with the above Victoria and BMW.

After not being able to bride due to military and Embassy duties;
1974 BMW R90.
1978 BMW R100
1980 GoldWing GL1100I Interstate.
1984 GoldWing GL1200Aspencade
1990 GoldWing GL1500 SE
2001 GoldWing GL1800

Sold last bike a few years ago due to health and age problems.

To any “old riders” out there.
I did, after riding for 51 years.
"When you are young and fall off of a Horse you bounce. When you are old and fall of of a horse you splat" Roy Rogers.
I started riding in 1969 on a Honda 70.....in my high school days I raced motocross .....I even raced at Lake Elsinore in 1971 when Steve McQueen raced that year and Malcolm Smith on Husky's .....I was on a Suzuki ts 90 that would do 55 mph tops....I crashed and hurt my ankle.
I didn't know what pain was until I crashed on Good Friday 1979 broke back....fractured pelvis....ruptured spleen....broke right leg in 2 places....left arm had a compound fracture.....knocked out 8 teeth....some of the teeth went through my lower chin...78 days in the hospital then another year learning to walk again and 8 operations......then i was addicted to morphine for years .....now im on Methadone and walk with a cane or walker all from that crash 43 years ago when a car pulled out in from of me and I t-boned him at 60-65 mph. I never dreamed it would happen to me but it did.....plus ive had 3 friends killed on bikes over the years.....be careful ...you never know if today will be "the day"
Riding now is my guess twice as dangerous as when i rode 40 plus years ago.....idiots texting ....talking on phones looking at all the "stuff" that come on cars now ....not just a speedo and tach and some idiot lights on the 60's and 70 's cars.....plus there is lot more people that back then driving.
Wow I raced through my younger years myself. Have been through the bad injuries as well. You and I have a lot in common been there done all of that. Lol still riding though. Have 4 bikes right now, all yamahas. R1,R6,R3 and a Vmax.
I liked every bike I've owned. But a few of my favorites are: 1990 ZX-11 and 2000 Hayabusa (still have) ... both were high water mark bikes when they came out. First road bike I had is a 1976 RD400 which I still have but hasn't been ran for years (I know, a shame). Favorite bike today is the 2016 XSR900 60th Anniversary model.
I had a 91 zx11 and it was a great bike after getting the crank issues sorted out.
I'd have to say my previous FZ6, but now that I've upgraded to the FJ-09, it's the current fave!

That CP3 motor is something else.
I love the CP3 in my XSR900. Very good and a flat torque curve, which means near linear HP all the way to redline.
Favorite bike has to be my current 2001 ZRX 1200. Favorite bikes I have ridden are easy. Gen II Vmax and Triumph Rocket 3. Amazing torque just has a way of appealing to me.
1987 Honda VF700 “Super Magna” in candy red metallic. I thought it was the sexiest machine ever made. It was also the first bike I bought myself at age 19.

In between I’ve had 7 different bikes and now ride a 2017 Ultra Limited. It eats up the miles and handles surprisingly well for such a heavy girl. I love the sound of the v-twin, but still have fond memories of that V-4 Magna.
I have a 2002 HD softail deuce customized and a little performance modified for when I want to do short fun trips and an 07 HD Ultra Classic for longer rides for comfort. I like them both but I won't ever buy another HD. I don't like the high prices, selection is terrible and the price gouging they do is a crime. Fortunately I do all own work so it's not expensive for me but for the people taking their bikes to HD for service they are getting ripped off.
My favorite is my current 2014 Road King. If there was to be another bike in my life which I don’t know at this moment I would really like to try out a Kawasaki Concours.
If and that’s a big if that day ever came my one concern would be how it handles in the rain as the Road King is rocksolid.
My favorite is my current 2014 Road King. If there was to be another bike in my life which I don’t know at this moment I would really like to try out a Kawasaki Concours.
If and that’s a big if that day ever came my one concern would be how it handles in the rain as the Road King is rocksolid.
Kawasaki C14 would be on my shortlist of a second bike despite liking the ones I’ve mentioned above. An Ivan’s or Shoodabeen engineering reflash and you’re looking at over 100 foot pounds of torque in the mid range. Plus, LOL, you can finally run something other than Mystic JT8 15w50 and not feel guilty... :) I’ve ridden with friends who have the C14 in downpours with hail blowing sideways and you have nothing to worry about. Good sport touring tires are everything. Get a Russell day long seat for you and the passenger and SWMBO will enjoy the ride as much as you.
^^^^ I suspect you are correct about the ability of the Concours in rain as it’s still a fairly robust heavy bike which to us is a good thing.
Yeah, we have been there, done “that”, rode through monster storms over the years on the RK, some so extreme I can’t even describe in words.
How about this? We have rode through storms where we passed at times roughly a dozen cars that pulled over on the interstate. Not so much I enjoy but something I get through.
Another time we endured 5 hours of mostly violent thunderstorms.
It’s never part of the plan but it happens and we just keep moving to get through it.

Honestly, not without merit is one concern about getting rid of the RK from my wife, she feels safe as I do because we have been through so many storms on it. More or less earned our trust so it’s a known.

Anyway, if there is another bike in the future and I retire the RK, Concours is on the short list for sure. Besides the price being right, maybe would like to experience something new, I’m not getting any younger and I just got that itch for a change, I like the looks and the saddle bags and...
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alarmguy, My nephew loves his Concours and I considered one back in the day but the riding position didn’t work for me. If you’re considering a new bike don’t make a final decision until you’ve ridden a batwing and/or a shark nose. IIRC you’ve mentioned not ever riding a bike with a fairing. I love my sons RK, but a dedicated fairing makes a huge difference in wind/wind noise, wind fatigue and buffeting vs a clamp on windshield. I’m considering selling my Superglide as I don’t ride it much anymore since buying the Streetglide. (y)
Gman, nice to hear the feedback about your nephew. Riding position might be a concern, only way to know any of this is IF the day ever came, try riding some of the bikes first. Believe it or not, I never, ever rode any of the bikes or bike models I purchased but with the Concours it would be a valid point because if there is a concern that would be it, as I have sat on them in the showroom.

Honestly gman I dont see how any bike can have as smooth airflow at 70 to 90 MPH then my Road King, its truly effortless. So that is not even on the list for reasons to want to try a new bike, truly cant ask for anymore more from the Road King except maybe want a new experience. I can literally take my hands off the handle bars at that speed with cruise control on. I dont but I can.
No matter what bike, helmet, height of the rider and passenger, riding style will affect airflow but will be more standard among fairings, for better or worse though.
My RK is set up perfect with a custom height windshield for both my wife and I, HD Fork lowers (fangs) makes it perfect. I suspect you son is not set up like me, whether or now he has lowers, though I suspect he doesnt and is a must on any interstate cruiser (for most) I never owned a cruiser without installing them, which makes 3.

Nothing against the HD fairings, wouldnt mind one, even though for me its not as much a "thing" but the price matters to me now more then back in 2014 when riding was a primary recreation and now sort of takes second place to my wifes boat. Even then I choose the Road King because I liked it best, price made no difference and were very close BTW between the RK and Streetglide..
*L* I tried to check out an ElectraGlide standard, they are nowhere to be found this year and not sure it would appeal to me, as they REALLY went out of their way to strip it down. *LOL**
With that said, one concern to me would be how airflow is but biggest thing of all is price now, touring Streetglides are $10,000 more then the Concours and again in my down sized life, I wouldnt mind shedding the extra 100LBS+ of a Harley. I honestly dont even know how much longer I will be riding though I cant imagine not ever riding, love it.

So I guess you could say, I see the Concours as a way to experience a new bike at $10,000 less then a Harley Touring at a time in my life where I dont get to ride as much and I ca have a new toy to play around with. ;) with a 3 year warranty too!

Ps, I go through this faze every Spring for the last couple years of thinking about a different bike but always stay with the RK. I am paralyzed by the thought of whatever I may buy will be disappointing compared to what I have and again, to be perfectly honest, I dont want to spend 23 to 25K on a new bike, just not worth it to me anymore.
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A used Concours 14 can be picked with all kinds of farkles very inexpensively. I would go that route, as most guys that have them tend to take care of them. Verify the valves have been done at around 14k miles and you are good to go.
In high school I wanted a Yamaha RD 350 two stroke but could not find one but bought a used 350 two stroke Suzuki instead. Later on I bought a brand new Yamaha 550 Seca. The RD350 could do 0 to 60 in 5.3 seconds, and the Yamaha Seca could to it in 4.8 seconds. :)
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