What is/was your fav motorcycle(s)?

Triumph Trident/BSA Rocket 3
Oh yes ! My wife had a disc brake T150, so not a bike I can claim as my own favorite motorcycle, but I just loved that bike...and so did she. She wasn't looking for a Trident, but a friend was selling one and offered her a ride, when she came back she said - ''I don't care what you say, but I'm having this !''
All my bikes veered my favorites.
Going way back:
Horex 350 Thumper.
Horex 400 Twin
Victoria Bergmeister 350 V-Twin
1952 BMW R500
Toured Europe twice, once each with the above Victoria and BMW.

After not being able to bride due to military and Embassy duties;
1974 BMW R90.
1978 BMW R100
1980 GoldWing GL1100I Interstate.
1984 GoldWing GL1200Aspencade
1990 GoldWing GL1500 SE
2001 GoldWing GL1800

Sold last bike a few years ago due to health and age problems.

To any “old riders” out there.
I did, after riding for 51 years.
1983 GPZ 550?
Kawasaki GPZ550. Liked it enough that after a car left turned in front me, I replaced it with another one. But, a year later, I moved onward..


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Kawasaki GPZ550. Liked it enough that after a car left turned in front me, I replaced it with another one. But, a year later, I moved onward..

I knew it was a Kawasaki. I had a friend with one. It was the "2003" year which sounded off.
My 2014 Harley Ultra Classic is my favorite for the moment. Because that is what I have at the moment.
It has ABS with 2 discs on front and one on rear, air shocks, GPS, CB and AM/FM and weather radio. Cruise control
LED lights that are bright and help me be seen.
No cables. Sensors and hydraulic clutch. Comfortable seat. Back rest.
Plenty of space to pack gear for camping and long trips.
Has been very reliable. No break downs. I did have to ride 110 miles home one day in third gear only after shifter splines stopped working.
I now use Michelin Commander 3 tires that give great mileage and hold road well.
It is comfortable on multiday trips that cover thousands of miles
You must watch out for the idiots out there. Even in an automobile.
Keep riding and be careful
Like BLS with his RC45, my current 2001 ZRX1200 has that something extra. A “few” mods later, it’s dropped 40 lbs from stock (just under 500 lbs, half tank of gas). Doesn’t sound as good with “just over 500 lbs and a full tank”, lol. Re-valved compresssion/rebound and custom springs in the stock KYB rear shocks by Daugherty Motorsports, a little fiddling with the front forks along with ZZR1200 cams, ZZR1200 carbs and JE stock bore 12.5:1 pistons has it singing a fun tune both in a straight line and for what I am capable of, in the corners as well.

However, if I am being totally honest with respect to the fun factor of being able to use all power and most of the handling a bike is capable of, a Nighthawk 550, Yamaha Vison 550 and Honda CX500 were the most fun for a ride on any afternoon.

Over the past 10 years each one of those has been in the garage as a fixer up project and then turned around and sold to someone looking to “get into riding” and they are the perfect bikes. To my mind, mid-displacement bikes of the early-mid 1980’s can’t be beat. The newer ones have little soul, IMO.

I suspect the appeal of the RC45 besides being rare, is the manageable power and impeccable handling that makes it feel “easy”.
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I liked my Hodaka 250SL. The one and only bike I ever had that I bought new. It was stolen in the early 80s
Before this one, I had a used Hodaka Super Rat, but it wasn't street legal, so I didn't have it for long.
My best all around, did everything right with comfort was my Honda CX-500 (1978 I think). My previous bike was a 2016 Kawasaki Versys 650. Real nice all around bike. My current arm-stretcher is a 2019 Yamaha Tracer 900 is a lot of fun.
My bike history: Puch Maxi moped, Suzuki TS185, Suzuki GS250, Honda VF500F, Honda CB125, Honda CB750, Honda VT1100 and my current Honda GL1500.

If I had to pick a favorite from those, I would have to say the VF500F. Mainly because I was a teenager in high school with this bike and had a lot of fun with it.
The CB750 was a solid, fun bike as well. My current Goldwing fits my current needs and desires (still would like to have a 2nd bike for local riding, but no room or money for a 2nd bike ATM).

My old boss had a CB900 Custom that I rode often, and I would say of all the bikes I have ridden with any regularity, that is my favorite and one I would like to have again.
1970 Kawasaki H2 500cc 2-stroke triple.
Handled like a Schwinn..went like a rocket.

Left a smoke trail like a fully loaded F4 climbing out of Bien Hoa
You're thinking of the H1 - the H2 was a 750 2 stroke triple. I had one (the H2 750) and it went like stink, smelled like stink and handled like a flexible flyer. You'd have thought there was a hinge built into the twin (undersized and ungusseted) downtubes. Later addition of a steering stabilizer by the factory didn't help. Most fun I ever had in a straight line.

The bike below is my current ride, 4th GS, 8th BMW.


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I have owned many bikes over the years but these two were my favorite. I am without a bike right now but I am looking for another.
two bikes.jpg