M1 FS 0W40 vs. Castrol Edge 0W40

Does PP Euro SAE 5W-40 comes only in 1QT jugs or can you get it in 5QT jug also?
My AAP near work has it in the 5 quart jugs. Caught it on sale a few weeks back. I thought they were discontinuing it but it’s back on the shelf fully stocked at the regular price.
To answer the OP’s question directly there is no question in my mind that the Mobil 1 FS 0w40 is the choice. I don’t say that on speculation. I say that based on my experience looking at the FS 0w40 in our lab. If I was in a spot where I could not get my own oil I would grab that oil to put in any vehicle I own without question.
Which areas did Castrol 0W-40 not compare well in?