What do you collect?

Apparently chickens. Somehow “we’ll just start with 6” became 12.
Am good at collecting problems and regrets. But those aren’t physical items so I’ll go with “junk”. Have an idea for a project, start collecting things, then it collects dust. Brilliant.

For the most part I stopped collecting things, anything I was collecting for the sake of collecting I have given up on. When I kick it I know it’ll get tossed as it’s likely that only I see value in it—which is justification enough to collect it, but I try to avoid getting my kicks from getting stuff. Just another thing to dust and take care of.
The limited edition Swatches are on the UPS truck for delivery today....more are showing up on eBay, not sure the trending price, but bid up to $500. So not really sure about the $1100 obo listings. $365 face value.

They were shipped UPS ground and originated 107 miles away in Secaucus, NJ. When I checked the tracking this AM, it said, "Airport Security Delay." :ROFLMAO:
Used to collect comic books. Haven't really done it in decades but I'm wondering if any of them are worth anything as I have archived the boxes.

Right now I'm looking for Hot Wheels for my kid. Mostly based on real cars made under license of automakers, as many of the fictional cars are just weird. But some are fairly normal looking like their ice cream truck and one they call "70's Van". It's almost all their "main line" series, although I've noticed that there are different UPC numbers for ones meant solely for distribution in the US and Canada or ones for more international distribution.