My experience 30 floors up during the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake

Interesting My sister worked for the Embarcadero company and was there at the time. I just arrived at my grandma's for dinner at 254 Lisbon St. S.F. at the time. I Worked in South San Francisco and got off of work at 16:30 so it took 15 minuted or so to get there. Working at the Forklift dealership at the time I delivered lots of Forklifts to the devestated areas at the time. People losing their homes was really sad to see. My house wasn't effected thank goodness.
We were watching the pre-game on TV when the feed cut at 7:04 Central, we thought it was some technical snafu at first but when they came back on they said it was an earthquake. My mom started frantically calling all our relatives, we had/have a lot in the Bay Area then as well as now. A lot of rumors in those early hours. Eventually the entire scope of the damage came into view over the next few days.
I was at Candlestick Park when the earthquake hit. After the announcement of the canceled game, it was a huge mess leaving the parking lot and then navigating the streets without working traffic signals was a nightmare. I needed to get to the Richmond District (northwest corner of SF). I decided to take the Guadalupe Parkway, the road featured at the end of the Bullitt car chase. That other thread about the movie reminded me of that day.
I had been through a few earthquakes before the '89 shaker, mostly waking up at night to glasses and picture frames rattling. I was living in Southern CA at the time, but not LA. Anyway when the big one hit I was working in an upscale mall, doing a shift by myself in the boutique I worked in on the 4th floor. We always worked alone and the store had a state of the art sound system which I had cranked up very loud. So there I was standing near the register and I started hearing strange sounds, even despite the loud music. Hard to describe. Then glancing around I saw that the walls of store were undulating, it was the weirdest thing. At first I honestly thought I was imagining it - it felt surreal. After it was over I went out onto the 4th floor terrace and noticed all the employees of the other stores had come out of their stores as well and then it struck me that it had been an earthquake. I'll never forget the undulating walls though. Like they were made of rubber or clay. I wouldn't have believed solid walls could do that until I saw it for myself.