What do you collect?

Jul 10, 2022
I never really gave it much thought, but about 5 years ago, I was listening to XM radio in a rental car, and it sorta went like this...."If you're interested, you better place your pre-order, as they do sell out quick!"

I thought to myself, what is he talking about, CDs sell out quick? Thought it was a come on.

These are the Dave's Picks CDs of Grateful Dead shows. Well, sure enough, they sold out. So I decided I will pre-order them, as there is a discount, and also free shipping. Been collecting ever since, I have a 27 gallon crate full of these limited edition CDs. There were 2 that I bought on eBay never opened, for $60 each. They are $28 each face value. One I sold for $180, thinking I am a financial genius and caveat emptor. Well, that was early 2022--today those discs are $250-$300 so the joke is on me, other than I still have another never opened. Many of these "limited edition" items approach 4X their face value, some go beyond.

Flash forward--my wife's BFF in LA asks her if we can buy her the Moon Swatch. Huh? This is because we have a Swatch store at the mall, they don't even have one in LA.

So why not? It's $260 she's good for the money. Well, on the local news the night before, people are camped out. What?

We go to the mall the morning of, there is a line to get on a waiting list, we say, why not? Already on eBay the watch is $3000.

So I make a comment, if the Swatch is $3000, and the real Omega is $7000, why not just get the real one? A person 2 people behind hands me his Omega watch--I quickly put it in my pocket and run away. j/k

I said oh, this is the real one, huh? Nice.

Flash forward to last Thu.--I have an email some swatches will be available for preorder and there's a countdown. I order them 2 min after it opened up, for $365. I check eBay and they are already listed for $1100. Today I got an email that my order is processing and I've been billed (PayPal).

Since this is all new to me, it's quite fascinating. I think I will be looking for more things to collect, but for now it's Snap On tools, Dave's Picks CDs, and Swatch.... :)
Guilty as charged.
Do you have any vintage ones (pardon me if it's a dumb question ) ? :ROFLMAO:

I have some where I can't even seem to understand the date code, but I think 1950's and 1960s, and definitely 1980's.....
Do you have any vintage ones (pardon me if it's a dumb question ) ? :ROFLMAO:

I have some where I can't even seem to understand the date code, but I think 1950's and 1960s, and definitely 1980's.....
No vintage ones - just keeping my eye out for “great deals.”
I collect a lot of stuff. Probably more than I can think of haha. Main thing is license plates I have them from all 50 states, Germany, Canada , all of our cars that they have came off of, and just ones I’ve collected and found over the years. I buy them regularly to hang up or just to have.

Tools, mostly collect the old tools but I collect all tools. I have tons of brands: Snap-on, Mac, Herbrand, Billings, Thorsen, Buffalo more than i could ever name here.

Coins and currency. Have tons of that too all different coins different paper money.

Rocks and stones.
Speakers and IC engine cylinders (running in a working engine) I used to count spark plugs...but sometimes I'll get something with two plugs per cylinder, or something that is compression ignition.

I think my record speaker count in my house (not including cars) is north of 200...and I have had my cylinder count over 50.
Nothing much anymore. We purged mightily on our retirement move five years ago. I am continuing to purge even five years later, I have dumped a lot of rare and exotic stuff new and used (Hemi, LS6, Ram Air IV, NOS Buick Stage 1 and 2 parts... stuff gathered over a 40+ year muscle car collection) car parts. I am taking another tranche of automobilia to the local auto swap meet next month (magazines, manuals, books, parts, vintage stuff, etc.) and some parts. My wife dumped all her china etc. last year. I dumped my model railroad stuff a few years back (HO gauge). I guess the one thing left is license plates (from all over the world but 95% North American, any age), I still collect those and have a wall covered in my garage. Only regret, and it is very small, was dumping my vinyl collection many years ago... at the time vinyl was dead, now it is in vogue again... I would have made a little more cash. Oh well. I have a few electric guitars, nice ones, I wouldn't mind one or two more but I need to be a much better player before I can justify more.