what are the oldest tires you've used?

I drove on some 1987 vintage Pirelli P77s in mid 2020


...no they weren't very good
They were replaced with some cheap Nexen whitewalls
The Grand Prix doesn't see much mileage anymore
I’m running some BFG TA/KOs from 08 on my F250 I just bought. They’re dry cracked but the nipples are still on the tread. The previous owner put 1400 miles on it in 9 years.
Back in 1970s, my day had a 1303 Super Beetle, the tires were recapped multiple times but those had inner tubes in them.
My Brother Just today had Walmart replace the...17-ish yr old tires he put on his '07 Dakota in '08...(Date coded 3307) they were an old store brand from...NTB/Tire kingdom? maybe?
either the Brand, or the model was Stampede... we think they were Cooper made. still looked fantastic, plenty of tread, bit of cracking between the treads...

and this truck has never been garaged. '08-'16 in a suburban Ft Worth Driveway. '16-now, in his suburban rural OH Driveway. at this point it mainly tows his Lawnmower to/from a lot he owns 20 some miles away..

on went a set of GT Radial Adventuro(?) AT's (i forget the date code, but they've been sitting in a warehouse for around a year already.

oh! while he was waiting, he bought a set of new wiper blades to replace the 7 yr old ones that were on the truck..
I grew up on the farm in Saskatchewan and a lot of the vehicles and implements had tires that were decades old. They didn’t get replaced unless they no longer held air.

When I left in 1999 there was one old truck, I believe a 1939 Dodge 2 ton, that had the original tires. It had been parked for a decade but all four were still fully inflated. I was told that they had never had to put air in throughout the life of the vehicle.

These vehicles didn’t get up to highway speeds and would generally be driven mostly on dirt roads.
I moved my sisters abandoned aluminum horse trailer off mums property sitting in grass for 25 years using rental u haul pickup to repair shop late at night. Some 2 of 4 wheels did not turn but one eventually did and the other one blew.

Had bearings replaced with tires and sold for decent amount .