Switched from M1 0w-20 to Syntec Blend 5w-20

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Nov 6, 2003
After a short stint with the Mobil 1 0w-20, I couldn't resist any longer and switched over to Castrol Syntec Blend 5w-20. I'm very curious as to how this oil will do, and because I'll be taking a pretty long road trip this week, I wanted to get the CSB in the engine so I can get a UOA done pretty quickly. The main reason for my switch is because I just can't get myself to go for extended OCI's, and I drive almost completely short trips - we're talking 4 miles from home to work! I also enjoy changing my oil, so I figured I'd try and save myself a little cash by going to the CSB. {BTW: I know the results of a UOA will be a little different because of an extended highway road trip vs. my normal short trip driving, but it will at least give me a starting point.}
One thing that I noticed almost immediately after dumping out the Mobil 1 was how much quieter the engine became. I know other's have said the same thing after swithcing to another oil from Mobil 1, but I never really believed it. WOW! My engine really is quieter! I'm not trying to bad mouth Mobil 1 at all (I'll switch back to the 0w-20 if the CSB doesn't work out), but it really does seem to make engines louder.
I've wondered the same thing myself ref the 20 weight oils having to be part synthetic. I know the Motorcraft says it is, and many have speculated the manufacturers must be using a synthetic to meet the tougher requirements. But I would be very suprised (and this is pure speculation on my part) if 5w-20's such as Pennzoil and Castrol GTX have synthetic in them. Maybe a Group II+, but I'm not sure about Group III. As far as the GTX compared to the Syntec Blend goes, I would assume that if there IS GIII in the GTX, that there should be a lot more in the Syntec Blend. Otherwise, it may be nothing more than a marketing scam.

As far as my OCI goes, I'll never go farther than 4k miles between changes. Actually, I almost never make it past 3k before I get antsy and want to dump the old stuff, whether it's synthetic or not. Like I've said, I enjoy changing the oil in my cars, and feel the shorter OCI's suit my driving habits better. Maybe I just have too much free time on my hands?

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I was under the impression that for 5W-20 oils to meet Ford's specs they had to be some sort synthetic blend anyway. So what's the difference between Castrol GTX 5W-20 and their 5W-20 Syntec Blend. Other than the price of course
. What kind of OCI are you going to use with the Blend?

I have asked Castrol for a typical insp. data sheet on the blend and was told it's not avalilable yet. I am going to use up my supply of GTX before I buy any of the blend. Since the GTX already meets the 153-H Ford spec, I have to wonder what benefit the blend offers.
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