Schaeffer's supreme 9000 5w-50 racing VOA

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Nov 27, 2013
Just posting my VOA of schaeffer's supreme 9000 5w50. Let me know what you guys think.

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silicon is dimethicone, an anti foaming agent. Important for racing oils or in high performance engines
Thanks, I didn't realize that.

Is iron, aluminum, fuel and insoluables also important for racing oils and high performance engines?
I don't know how the soot and fuel numbers are arrived at, they could be meaningless. Iron, aluminium could be from manufacturing or from a previous sample? how precise and repeatable are these analysis? 9 ppm, could be 1 ppm or 20 ppm in reality. Send the same sample twice and you could get vastly different results.
Yes, this was a brand new unopened bottle and fresh napa sample bottle opened
This doesn't look like the right sample. Agree it looks more like a UOA. Also, unless Schaeffer recently changed their formula, it should have some moly in it.
Yeah I'm not believing this sample. I'm a Schaeffer's user and this sample doesn't look like Schaeffer's oils at all.
Send that for analysis elsewhere... that oil shouldn't look like that in analysis. I have a friend that uses the same oil in his Mustang race car.
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