5W-20 wr motor oil

Dec 12, 2015
I've used 5W-20 wt oil in every vehicle I've ever owned since 1965. In 1965 Chrysler was rumored to have soft crank shafts and it was said that heavier weight oil should be used to protect them. I've always viewed oil as a lubricant rather than a cushion, and I never cranked an engine over 6000 RPMs. As oil qualities improved I changed my oil and filter changes intervals from 3000 miles to between 9000-10,000 miles and have never had to add any eye-dropper's worth of oil between changes. My first new car was a Dodge Polara 500 with a 383 cu, in, engine. From the first OC I used Atlantic Imperial 5W-20 oil. I generally drive a car roughly 100,000 miles before trading. My current driver is showing 155.000 and has had nothing but CAM-2 5W-20 in it. I'm retired and don't drive any great distances and am getting 22.3 mpg.
I've lived in Florida since 1972. When I start the car I sit for a moment to allow the oil (lubricant) to circulate completely before driving off. I believe that a 0W-xx would work well for many, many miles no matter what part of the country you live in.
Finally, my father bought a '56 Studebaker demo with a 259 cu. in. engine and drove it 176,000 miles before trading it. We lived in NJ and he used 20W-20 year round changing oil and filter every 8,000 miles. At 176,000 he was using 1/2 quart of oil every 5,000 miles, and that was because the valve seals needed to be replaced.
I think that most concerned drivers are overly anal regarding motor oil addatives~!
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