Post office and intelligence.

I'm awaiting a package right now that, according to the tracking, came all the way to the Chicago regional facility before reversing its progress and is now apparently headed back to the sender. It is re-visiting all its intermediate stops in reverse! I think they've mixed-up the "FROM" and "TO" addresses on the box. Tracking currently shows it Out For Delivery.... Except it's right back in the same town where it originated!
If I typed about all the screw ups the postal service has pulled on me in the last 5 yrs my fingers would be bloody stumps.
USPS is a wide spectrum. Great local guy spot on delivery. Terrible - beyond terrible back-up drivers. Local counter gal, wow she is amazing. Fully competent. Every detail covered. Some counter jockeys don't give a rat.
UPS is a wide spectrum. You can count of them. I RARELY, hardly if ever have a package just disappear. Try to get a person to help on the phone? Hahahahahhahaahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahaha
FedEx is just ****ty. 50% delivery rate. Meaning half the stuff, just vaporizes. No one to help. Call backs - seriously 4 weeks later.