Amsoil XL oil question

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Jun 6, 2003
Petersburg, West Virginia
I think amsoil has one API certified oil the XL line- is this true? And also is this a group III oil? And how does the quality of the adds package and base oil compare to that of say castrol syntec, valvoline synpower, pennzoil synthetic, and others? I purchased a new dodge dakota with the 7 70 warranty and they are very upfront about only using API certified oils to follow the warranty. And yes I am listening to them but also want to use the best synthetic certified oil possible. I hope it is as good as Mobil SS. Seems mobil has trouble with high iron lately. Thanks for your replies. x
I used xl7500 for two OCIs. In the 5w20 flavor. first OCI was 7000 miles, the second 6500. No problems, although I didn't do a uoa. Don't know what the deal is with iron and mobil but I'm using it in my honda (0w20) and it runs fine. I wouldn't hesitate with the amsoil if you like it. kind of pricey in my opinion with shipping. and yes that one is a g3 to my knowledge. regards
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