Almost New Mazda CX-9 Billowing Smoke

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Sep 2, 2007
Brooklyn, NY
Yesterdy I was driving and saw an almost brand new Mazda CX-9 spewing out a cloud of white/blue acrid smoke that smelled like oil burning. I wonder what went wrong with that car, and why the owner was still driving it like that!
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A CX 9 does not have a turbo or waste gate. CX 7s have has some rare instances with turbo seals leaking.

thats what i was trying to say, although we usually get CX-7's with rods hanging out the block from overboosting.
Could be a hack job by local oil change place:
---Too much oil
---Spilled a bunch while refilling
---Filter's leaking badly

Any TSB's like the CR-V's had with doubling up filter gaskets?
Originally Posted By: Chris Meutsch
Could be a hack job by local oil change place:
---Too much oil
---Spilled a bunch while refilling
---Filter's leaking badly

Any TSB's like the CR-V's had with doubling up filter gaskets?

Maybe he went to that peanut butter place to get his oil changed..I heard horror stories coming out of those places..I am surprised so many people go there with their reputation.
If the smoke was coming out of the tailpipe, it's a goner. If not, it might be a leak or something else not so terminal but def serious.

Why they were still driving it is a mystery. Whatever the reason, the car is done for. Time for the trash heap.
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Typical poor quality of a GM

I thought they are Fords(?)

Don't confuse me with facts. GM sucks.
The CX-9's 272 horsepower 3.7L engine is based on the Ford 3.5L. However, both are pretty much bullet proof, and Mazda claimed they further engineered the 3.5L in order to tweak more horsies and torque out of it.

While Mazda does have its quality control problems and anything except for the excellent Mazda3 can be sketchy, there isn't anything wrong with that engine. More likely it's the owner or faulty maintenance...
Could be a guy on a really extended factory fill OCI...every once in a while there is someone who didn't realize their new car had to have the oil changed. My wife drove a Chevette off to college at age 17 and didn't even know you had to change engine oil. 20,000 miles later the engine stopped. Even to this day she thinks the car was a piece of junk that never ran right...
Our year old CX-9 gets an average of 21 mpg with the woman driving it to work every day. No smoke either. There have been a few trips to the dealer for warranty work though. One time, the actuating rod for the door locks in the front passenger door got disconnected somehow. The other trip was for easily chipped or scratched door trim. Other than that, it's been a fine vehicle.
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Don't confuse me with facts. GM sucks.

You think? The only one I ever bought new lasted all of 28K miles and about six years before I got tired of fixing it.
Never GM again.
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2000 Blazer LS 2-door bought new in October 2000. Traded in for a Tacoma in June 2007.
That Blazer was babied, too.

Intake manifold gasket spewing

Warped rotors

Intermittent no-start

CD player wouldn't eject

Rear window washer quit

Rattle in the rear where they forgot to put a bolt on the bumper flange from the factory

Oil pan gasket leak

Rear oil seal seepage

Power steering pump seal leak

Passenger seat stuck--would not recline

Rattles and squeakes everywhere in the cabin

Consumer Reports Predicted Reliablilty of all GM cars = only 49% average or better reliability. Look it up.

Good for you if you can afford to drive a POS like that Blazer.
I can't.

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are you a sheeple in a camry?

Are you an idiot in a Chevy?
nope. all the people I know with S10's and silverados have really good luck and like their vehicles. I hear some horror stores on blazers, rarely on s10;s.

why would that be?

i also see tons of new and old s10 stle blazers running fine.
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