A2Z-FE High oil consumption- What type oil should I try? 2009 Toyota Matrix S 2.4L 175miles

Which Berrymans B12- Fuel injector cleaner or Carb choke and throttle cleaner?

Whatever is the Strongest, probably the Carb Stuff! Get the MMO out and do the Berryman stuff, put it in and see what happens. Maybe move the Pistons up and down a bit. I am guessing you are not the original owner of this vehicle?
Which Berrymans B12- Fuel injector cleaner or Carb choke and throttle cleaner?
Did the shop that planed the head replace the valves, springs or valve seals? At least the seals since its a common oil consumption source? And, hope that you're using new timing components chains, tensioners, guides.... And, since the engine is ol' and tired, I would definitely adjust the valve clearance.

If you don't pull the pistons/rings, then you'll probably end up back where you started with excessive oil consumption continuing. Hopefully the engine isnt excessively damaged from the previous owners. One can only hope for carbon issues that'll slow clean itself with shorter oil change intervals, and quality synthetic oils.

My recommendation for the oil change interval is 3000 miles. Keep the oil level optimally topped off and full at every fuel fill up, weekly, or often enough to never allow it be low ever. After the reassembly, I would change the oil out early at 500 and 1500 miles for the break-in rinsing.

Stick with toptier fuel to keep the carbon buildup under control for the fuel side.

My oil filter recommendation.... the engine family has room for the ph3614 and fl400s/ph3600 oil filter. Pick any popular brand with a silicone adbv. I use the oversized filters on my 2az-fe. Since mine is overly well maintained, it never developed an oil consumption problem.

My oil type recommendation will ALWAYS be full synthetic oil. Brand is irrelevant so VARY the brands. Stick with HDEO's or PCMO's that have the EP, HM or EP and HM marketing. I prefer the higher HTHS euro 5w30's, 0w30's, ANY 5w40 or 0w40, and HDEO 10w30's. Obviously, you have plenty of PCMO EP/HM oil to rotate among... Valvoline, Mobil1, QuakerPennzoilState, RoyalPurple, Castrol, Petrocanada..... along with mailorder if within budget.... Amsoil, RedLine, HPL, Torco, MPT, and all those overpriced common euro brands that the MB/VW/Audio/BMW websites sell

Additives.... after a couple short rinse oil changes, and if you decide to keep the vehicle....use only 1 brand and 1 dose for any oil interval.
BG MOA.... they have several so try a different one for each normal oil change interval
Marvel MMO.... simple pint added for an oil change interval
Rislone.... again, a simple single pint added to your 3k mile interval
Lubegard Biotech
RLI BioSyn xtra booster pak
STP Synthetic Oil treatment and their Ceramic
HPL engine cleaner
Seafoam(which can also be used as a piston soak)

The above list should take you 30000 miles to run thru so post an update in 30k miles.

Don't forget a good 50:50 or 45water55coolant antifreeze ratio using asian red/pink coolant or Toyota coolant, new OE thermostat and radiator/pressure cap, OE waterpump, serpentine belt, OE equivalent ATF(or MT if manual), pcv valve, synth PSF/ATF if hydraulic steering..

Since some 2az-fe had block head bolt thread issues, consider since the head is off, or at least timeserts... pretty sure its less of an issue with the latest years 2az
If you are going through the trouble of replacing the head gasket, you might as well drop the oil pan a do the re-ring.
Before doing that, if you pull the head to replace the gasket, check the condition of the bores while the head is off. Be sure there's no scoring, scratches, or damage to the bores. Oil burning of the amount you're describing is sometimes more than just sticky rings.
I’d be more worried that you’ll have even more oil consumption once you put that new head gasket and plained head back on...that thing should be even more air tight now, and the added compression will draw that oil right into those cylinders. IMO.

You really should fix your oil consumption issue now seeing as you went through the trouble of doing the head gasket. And did I miss it, why did you do the head gasket? Was it overheating? Losing coolant?