Who's still driving a stick shift daily?

2015 Accord 2.4L MT6, don't really care- the car I chose either had this or the cvt, I chose the much rarer stick. I figured with the Honda 4 cyl it would be a decent combo. If the car came with a conventional auto and paddle shifters I would have been happy too.
No DSG for me, CPO though with 84 month warranty.


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Both of my cars are manuals, but I’m on the lookout for an auto because of the worsening arthritis in my left knee. Some days pushing the clutch in is not much fun.
And I racked up a good 100k in stop and go NYC traffic during rushhour: unless someone has a physical malady, or they're driving a diesel or a big block V8, the complaints about shifting a manual are ridiculously overstated.
I think that unfortunately, not all manuals are created equal. I've had a few (the aforementioned Jeep, the Civic we used to have, etc) that were a pleasure to drive. No complaints there. But I also had one (an S-10 pickup) that was so frustrating that I would come home seething with road rage after driving it in traffic. My only current manual (WRX) lies somewhere in-between those two extremes.
I am retired so I don't drive daily. When I drive across town to our other home in Grand Rivers,KY i often use our 87 VW Cabriolet since it has been getting at least 30 mpg. It has a 5 speed and an easy clutch. Rides like a much larger car and does 85 easy.
Always drove a manual trans. Always will! Had to search hard to find my last purchase, a 2016 BMW 328i 6-speed. Think I got a good deal from the dealership as they had a hard time selling it and were happy to see me. Taught both my children as well as some of their friends to drive manuals. First in the car park, and then the open road. Trying to carry on the cause but it's getting harder.

When I relocated here took my US driving test in a manual. Tester was surprised I had a stick and acted as if she had never seen one. Hit a squirrel on the test and she screamed, but I was successful. Apologized for frightening her and thanked her. A kind lady.

Sadly, electric cars will mark the end of manual trans. and generations to come will never experience the joy, feedback and control of a stick shifter and a clutch. Understand there are more options with trucks but prefer to remain closer to the ground.
My garage queen is a manual, but I don't drive it daily unfortunately. One of the major reasons is we have a 1 car garage and a shared driveway. It's a PITA to back the car out. It's like an event. But I thank heavens that I have 1 manual left. The other was just junked a while back. It's a non-issue at this point since even car cos. like BMW don't offer a manual other than on the high end base models such as the M3 base. But I never understood the logic, "I would love to drive a manual, except there's too much traffic."

What does traffic have to do with driving a manual?

It's like the joke saying, what's the difference between a duck.
The Grand Marquis is my first daily driver since 2010 that is an automatic. I'm okay with that.

I don't see myself going back to a manual DD. Unless I got something fun like a new GR corolla.
I too didn't have an auto until 2011, since 1998. From 1986 to 1998, it was a combination of both. That Corolla looks nice. The 3 cyl is odd to me, though.
DD: sm Jap sedan is manny. I wish it was not as typical merican I multi task (shame, shame) w/'everything' while driving... coffee, other drink, food, no phoning or dash screen tho (too dangerious). In fact co are saying they'll reduce 'the amount of accessories' ina car.

Some today dont even have the speedo off the screen. It wuz way different in the ol daze when reaching to tune a radio. Could keep eyes on the rd, etc. The screens get bigger'n bigger, etc

Autos now can surpass mannys in MPGs. I want the free arm, n ot a big deal (4 me) w/the left leg. NOW-
my truck isa 5 speed (as well) and needs to stay that way (weather I'm on or off rd). Dont think I'd wan t an auto even while sno plowing.