Who's still driving a stick shift daily?

All 4 of our cars are manuals but I live in the UK where most cars are manual. I reckon if I walked around my office carpark and peeked through the windows 9 out of 10 cars would be manuals. :ROFLMAO:
Good point.

My wife and I were in Ireland a few months ago and rented a stick shift Opel. Driving on the wrong side of the road wasn't too bad until I encountered the roundabouts.;)
I DD my Mazda 3 with the 5spd. Little car is a lot of fun and a great 'beater' IMO. I do wish it had hands free phone and there is no good way to add a aftermarket stereo to it unfortunately. My Samurai/F-150 are both manuals as well, but they just get used occasionally. I used to think I would prefer a manual in every single type of vehicle, but the 8spd in my Ram is so good I wouldn't want to change it..
My '98 Wrangler is manual. It's pretty much my daily once the weather gets a bit nicer and there is no salt on the roads.
All my cars since1970 when I started driving had always MT including the current one in signature.
Had few rentals with AT and didn't like it.
The Grand Marquis is my first daily driver since 2010 that is an automatic. I'm okay with that.

I don't see myself going back to a manual DD. Unless I got something fun like a new GR corolla.
I am, and will for the next car at least. If I was doing a lot of 65mph roads I probably would get an automatic just for the fuel savings, but for my normal puttering around on 55mph roads, a manual is fun and repair free(so far).