Which Oil for Cross Country Trip

Jan 21, 2011
People need to make their own choices, not make decisions based on posts or comments here, especially a single comment as if it's gospel. Welcome to the internet.
There is no such thing as sarcasm font yet, in case my joke was not noticed. And I have no idea what people are doing as they type... and I don't think I'd want to know. Welcome to humor.
Dec 30, 2012
Not familiar with AP. EP helped stop a mild case of oil consumption for us. Not a big deal, but it might be a convenience to have an oil that you don’t have to top off while you are on a trip.
Feb 16, 2011
i will pile on and say nothing to worry about. i subscribe to 8K mike OCI's on my naturally aspirated, reasonably low stressed engines, and if a single road trip was going to push us into the 10k mile region, i wouldnt hesitate for a moment, especially with high quality oil and a premium filter.
Aug 27, 2004
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As many others have said, 10,000 highway miles on any synthetic with that motor is fine. Flip a coin as to which to use.
Sounds like you are leaning towards the EP due to age and stock on hand, which is just fine, and probably what I would do.
The TRD filter is a really good filter, but even the OEM filter could do the 10,000 miles easily, same for Wix/Napa Gold, any Fram or even the Supertech ST filter. Nothing really gained by going with the Amsoil filter over the TRD.
Also as mentioned, the air filter needs to be in decent shape, if over 20,000 miles on it, I would change it.
If under 20,0000 miles and it looks good, leave it be.
Are the OLM's in the OP's car accurate? Just curious.
I am pretty sure Toyota at this time is just a "dumb" OLM, ie just a countdown timer.
I know my Scion xB is (but it is a 5,000 mile timer, Toyota was switching over to a 10,000 mile interval in the 2010-2013 range).
Oct 23, 2005
I'm contemplating a cross-country trip, California to NYC and back, and will take a somewhat circuitous route. Similar trips in the past suggest a total of about 10,000 miles. Plan to do a complete oil change just before starting out, and my oil choices are Mobil 1 Extended Performance and Mobil 1 Annual Protection (which are on hand).

Thinking of using the Toyota TRD oil filter if for no other reason its apparent robust construction. I like the steel end caps and the silicone gaskets at either end, suggesting a better seal and more oil being filtered at each pass. Another thought is the Amsoil EA15K02, which looks to be a close cousin, if not a brother, to the TRD. I'm open to other suggestions.

I don't think I've ever gone so far without an oil change, but, as we know, oil has changed and improved a lot over the past 10 years or so. Which oil do the experts here feel is best suited to this trip and able go the distance? I'd like to make the trip without doing an oil change. How about doing a filter change and a top up about half way through the trip? Think it's necessary? Any thoughts on the filter choices? BTW, $$$ for oil and filters, and cost of any labor, is totally irrelevant.

Thanks for your comments ...(y)

Easy. Change before you go, change when you get back. We'll want to see the great UOA because 10k mostly highway is nothing in that engine. Member tig1 has been doing 10k OCIs since the 70s with vanilla M1.


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Aug 7, 2020
Following up:

A few weeks ago I headed out and ran into problems. As I approached the Oregon border, some of the roads I wanted to take were closed. I left on the day some big California-Oregon fires started. Stopped in a small town, Weed, near the border and got some directions that would have allowed me to circumvent the road closures, although adding a couple of hundred miles to the journey.

Decided to grab a motel in Medford, OR, made a reservation, and when I got to the place my room wasn't available. The hotel owner/manager claimed he had no reservation, and when I showed him my phone with the info, he then said he had no rooms left. Because of the fires, rooms in the area were scarce, and the only ones I could find were around $250/night, more than I wanted to pay,

Checking on road conditions, the fires, and the weather, I decided to cancel the trip and I headed back home. Temps on the way up were 104- to 106-degrees along I-5. Being in an air-conditioned car, I didn't feel it at all, but when I got out to stretch my legs near Lake Shasta, that 106-degree heat hit me hard. WOW! The A/C worked very well and got quite a workout.

On the way back, fires were breaking out around Redding and I-5. I don't remember precisely, but I think about for or five blazes broke out near and along my route, and at one point a portion of I-5 was closed.

All-in-all, I drove about 700 miles that day, and happily. the car behaved very well. This was my first trip longer than 200 miles, and I discovered that for these longer drives, I'll need to get a cushion for my back and some padding on the armrest as after several hours it was uncomfortable on my elbow. I averaged about 32mpg, used absolutely no oil (M1 EP 2qts 0W-20, 3qts 5W-30), and was comfortable, steady, and quiet at freeway speeds. At one point I took it up to an indicated 100mph and held it there for six miles, and the car felt solid and capable of keeping it up for quite a while. There are about 2,300 miles on this OCI, and the oil level hasn't dropped a bit.

I still want to make that long road trip, and am thinking about the early fall, and maybe a different route and destination.