What kind of vehicle are you?

I am a Corolla , But this guy is a Ford , Gerald Ford. :LOL:
Picking it for yourself? Thats not going to be realistic everyone will be superheroes

Who would say "I would be an Aztek" ;):ROFLMAO:
I would.
Buddy's mom had one. always loved that car. (in 200k+ mi, the only problems that cropped up were from Rusty fuel lines, and a wonky remote start install.)
plus, I'm large, a bit slow, and...unconventionally beautiful. but very capable.
I'm an Aztek.
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When I look in the mirror, I see a Sunbeam Tiger. Sort of a cool, sporty "sleeper".

When my wife looks at me, I assume she sees a Honda Element. Reliable, practical, somewhat awkward.
I was going to say Land Rover Series; functional, incredibly effective for its intended use, not pretty at all but kind of attractive if you squint and generally reliable....but then I saw her sitting there in a pool of her own fluids:LOL:
then i'd be a Mazda6 or a Honda Accord again

classic and simple

i'd add more to the value than the car specs sheet shows :D