What kind of oil do you use?

i am being asked about bardahl engine oils. i did't find more info here, though its an old as i see US company just like amsoil and redline. are they like these companies that don't take approvals from ,lets say bmw that i am being asked? are they any good?
Top shelf/Boutique Syn
Major Brand Syn
Major Brand Blend
Major Brand Conventional
Private/Store brand oils

I usually buy major brand Syn oil for change and then a store brand Syn for top offs.

How about you?
for the diesel, whatever CK4 rated 15w40 is cheapest, last couple years that has been Mobil Delvac 1300 which seems to always have a rebate.

for my gasoline powered vehicles either Supertech 5w30 or the Kirkland brand, which are essentially the same thing

Been an Amsoil preferred customer since 2003. Was using their stuff for a long time. Then used M1 for a while. Covid happened and couldn’t find much on the shelves so I went back to Amsoil ever since.
In the wife’s Cruze, it’s whatever Dexos oil I can get for the cheapest. Was Supertech but I stocked up on Kirkland recently because of the rebate they had on it. Basically $30 for 2-5 quart jugs.

In my B6 Passat, I’ve ran a bunch of different oils based on availability (rural area during the pandemic, sourcing euro oils was difficult) and this led me to ordering a load of LiquiMoly Molygen from ECS (I think) when it was $34 a jug. That beat paying $40 at a parts house for Castrol, at least that’s how I justified it in my mind. Now that supply chain has caught back up, and Molygen is up around $50 a jug, I’m running either PP euro or QS Euro.
All sorts of non sense lol
Redline 0w40
Motul 5w40 xcess
Motul 0w40 xmax
Motul 5w40 300v
Amsoil 0w40 euro
Penzoil Ultra Platnium 5w30

Tundra 5.7
Polaris Slingshot w/ ecotech
Boosted 08 Civic 500hp
A case could be made for using the lowest price group III full synthetic oil (regardless of brand).
With 4 vehicles to maintain, and just wanting a full synthetic oil (for protection from extreme high temps in certain parts of the engine, and for cold flow on 0 degree Farenheit days), there really isn't any meaningful differences between brands or price points. My new max is $4 a quart (for Walmart full Synthetic high mileage 5 quart jug), or even $2 a quart for full synthetic on clearance sales for many major brands at selected retailers. If you accumulate a large enough stash, you can average $2 a quart for full synthetic, by only buying oil (and stocking up) on clearance sales. Why pay more?
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