What kind of oil do you use?

This kind when I can find it.

90% of the time top tier major brand synthetic and occasionally boutique for fun.
Whatever name or store brand synthetic that I find on 'Clearance'. I may adjust the OCI a little depending on brand...for instance I'd go a bit longer on Mobil1 EP or AP than I would on Carquest or Harvest King. I think the longest OCI I ever did was 8K and that was on my Escape 2.5 with a nearly 6 quart capacity and no GDI and back and forth to Florida included (mostly highway) on QSUD. I've also used syn-blend (Valvoline and QS) and keep the OCI around 5K.
Valvoline 5w30EP in my truck
HPL 0w40 in my snowmobile
Amsoil 0w40 in my ATV
Mobil 0w40 in my drag car.
So...half/half I recon.
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T6 Rotella 15w-40 in mk6 jetta and honda odyssey 2006

HPL in GLI mk7

extremely cheap chevron 5w-30 oil from Walmart price glitch from 2 years ago in 2013 camry.

20w50 mobil 1 in 2020 toyota camry
Major Brand Syn - Quaker State
Major Brand Blend - Pennzoil / Valvoline / Quaker State , Mystik
Private/Store brand oils - Napa , Fram (Advanced auto) , Supertech
Everything except the Legend and the motorcycles use 5w-30....Pennzoil or Castrol synthetic, in whatever version is cheaper/on sale.

The Legend uses dino 15w-40 HDEO; Delo, Rotella or Delvac.

The motorcycles use Mobil 1 V-Twin, Yamalube and Honda oils.