What kind of oil do you use?

I use major brand synthetics, on sale or rebate when I can. Usually Mobil1, but I’ve used a lot of Valvoline and Pennzoil over the years and some Quaker State. I’ve also used a lot Super Tech. And a lot of house brand stuff when I can’t find sales or rebates...Napa synthetic, Carquest synthetic, Amalie synthetic.
The major store shelved selections. Shell / Pennzoil / Mobil / & recently some foreign oil bought from walmart online.
I've been using various flavors of Pennzoil since 1983. Never had any problem with sludge or other complaints people used to have. I've switched brands occasionally for a sale but I'd say I've used Pennzoil 80 percent of the time.
QSUD 5w20&5w30in my Honda and Daughters Kia and sons Hyundai,
Halvoline DS 5s30 syn in the Tahoe, I trialed some HPL 5w30,last summer, that's
slated for my next change, its stout oil and I got a summer of travel set up from Minnesota to Georgia
I recently bought some oil not readily available near me, Idemitsu 5w30 Fully Synthetic SP for my Altima. Usually Pennzoil on Rollback or Quaker State.
2006 Ford Taurus, 3.0 Vulcan V6, 163k miles. Been running Valvoline MaxLife HM 5w30 since I got the car almost 3 years ago. Just switched to QSFS HM 5w20, and I'm quite surprised with the results. Actually getting 3-4 more mpg according to the car's onboard computer, as well as manual calculation using same pump at the same gas station consistently. Engine runs quiet, and has a bit more pep. The Vulcan V6 is a weak engine anyway, so I'll take what I can get. 😁
2013 Ford Edge SEL 3.5 I use either 5w20 Kirkland signature series synthetic or Mobil 1 AFS. Oil filter WIX or Motorcraft. I change my oil every 6 months no matter the mileage.
2018 Honda CRV - Pennzoil Euro L 5W30, M1 ESP 5W30, or M1 ESP 0W30

2006 Infiniti M45 - Pennzoil Euro L 5W30

2003 Honda Civic EX - any HM 5W30 on sale or Pennzoil Euro L 5W30 (if I have leftovers when it's oil change time)
Top shelf/Boutique Syn
Major Brand Syn
Major Brand Blend
Major Brand Conventional
Private/Store brand oils

I usually buy major brand Syn oil for change and then a store brand Syn for top offs.

How about you?
The 2008 V6 Mariner has had 90% of its changes with Motorcraft 5w-20 blend. The 2018 Escape has had all of its changes on Motorcraft 5w-30 blend. The lawnmowers always run Castrol 30wt
As of late, I've stuck with Kirkland brand synthetic in 5W-30. I have some Mobil EP 5W-30 from the last rebate but probably won't replenish. Before Kirkland/SuperTech I mainly bought PP 5W-30 for changes. I have one oil for my entire fleet of vehicles, none of which are either direct injected or turbocharged, but the dexos1 gen2 rating gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

My motorcycles get Rotella T4 in 15w-40 so I guess that makes two oils for the entire fleet.
my choice is driven by price & availability usually what Walmart has on rollback. im currently running M1 EP in my 22 ranger & QSFS in my wifes elantra. i usually stick with QSFS, M1, M1 EP, or castrol edge. all those are good oils. ive never used valvoline before. my local walmart has it on rollback so ill be giving that a try next.
Since AA started carrying Mobil 1 ESP 5w30 in stock for $37 for 5 qts that is what I am using in most of them and Mobil 1 0w40 in the engines that need a xw40 and higher zinc. For once a year and 5K or less miles both are more than good enough.

My favorite
I buy clearance oil or oil that has a really good rebate going on. I have around 50 gallons of Delvac1300 15w40 on hand and yes I got it cheap. 1, 2.5, and 5 gallon containers. I have around 10 gallons of Pennzoil 10w30, 10w40 in quarts on hand and yes I got it really silly cheap on a bulk buy. I have quite a few containers of Mobil1 in various weights that again I picked up really cheap. Other brands of motor oils, gear grease, grease, and 2 stroke oil. I keep my eyes on BITOG and yes it has paid off many times. I use the oil for farm equipment, vehicles, and small engines. I have a good reserve on hand because I need it. Syn or Dino, all get used. I repair/service commercial mowers as a side business. During mowing season, I take at least 1- 5 gallon can of oil weekly to a friend who heats his garage with an oil fired heater. My experience is any API rated oil works good and does the job. Keep the dipstick on the full mark and the engine doesn't care what brand it is.
It would be interesting to know how many people on this site actually run just regular old conventional oil
I am in NJ and they don't sell conventional anymore in any Walmart or Home depot it is all a blend of conventional/synthetic. Or straight synthetic.