What kind of oil do you use?

I've noticed people get real attached to their brands here. I'll add the disclaimer---- "but use what you want, and spend as much money as you want, just leave my broke a** out of it"
Maybe some do, but brand is far less important than the license, specification or approval the oil holds (or does not hold). These are the markers of demonstrated performance.
I've been using Fram branded oil ,sold by Advanced Auto parts in my wife's car. And I used it in my old Explorer up until I scrapped it due to a trans problem. I never saw, or could tell any difference between Fram's oil, and the mobil 1 I had been using. Fram's oil is a couple bucks cheaper than Mobil 1 tho.,,,
2020 Honda Accord EXL 2.0
I typically run Kirkland 0w-20 full synthetic and change the oil @ 5000 mile intervals.
Since I do all of my own maintenance I run Amsoil SS 0w-20 during the winter months and stretch out OCI to about 7000-7500 miles to not to have to craw under the car in freezing cold weather.
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I run motorcraft 5w20 and motorcraft filter in my 2021 escape.....90,000 miles (work car)

Quaker state 5w30 full synthetic and motorcraft filter in my 2004 mercury grand marquis...63,000 miles(my baby)
For a while I kinda liked Mobil 1, then realized it was mostly marketing--well, at least when tipped into a boring Toyota appliance, any benefits were not going to be seen. Switched to Supertech for most things. I'd put that into my hybrid but for some reason ST isn't available in 0W16, so that's Mobil1 for now.

Now if I were to get something more exotic, or something that I push hard, I could see myself going name brand.

Oh: I do put Rotella T6 5W40 into my ATV, I'm not sure that I push it that hard, but at 3.5qt per change and one change per year, I'm not going to think much about it.
Eurocars: Major Brand Synthetic
Domestic and Japanese: Private/Store brand synthetic oils
Criteria: Approvals followed by price de jour.
5W30 of random brands in the 2.7 F150. Motocraft semi/syn, Super Tech, Pennzoil. The 2012 Highlander has had Mobil1 XP (the name has changed a time or two) only. 0W20 for the 1st 100,000 miles and 5W20 since. The 69 GTO gets whatever attracts my attention in Walmart. Quaker State 10w40 semi/syn in it right now.
Havoline Box. HM 5W30 in the Honda cars, and LifeLong 5W30 in the Ranger.

It's convenient and reasonably priced. The Ranger takes the full box, the leftovers from the ~4.6qt Hondas is used for their top-ups and lawnmowers.