What kind of oil do you use?

Durango - m1 0w20 EP last

992 911 - m1 0w40

C8 #1 - m1 0w40 esp X3
C8#2 - Motul 300v 0w40 competition
C8 #3 - Ravenol RUP 5w40

Toyota 4 Runner - m1 5w30 high mileage

Smart Car - m1 0w30 AFE

Alfa Giulia - Mopar max pro plus SP 0w30 or amsoil signature 0w30

Alfa Stelvio - m1 0w30 AFE

Mercury 4 stroke EFI - mercury 10w30
Store brand most of the time. The st 15w-40 is likely pure group 2 and for thinner oils st full synthetic as the price difference is just 3 bucks from the semi syn.
I own a dealership, so it's usually the lowest synthetic that fulfills whatever requirements are needed for the vehicle. Supertech is great, but we also use Pennzoil, Shell Car & Truck, and Mobil 1 depending on the incentives available.

As an aside if you ever sell an older vehicle and use synthetic oil, it's a big plus if you mention it. Most folks just want a ride that will keep them on the road and the quality of your upkeep makes a huge difference when it comes to price and the need to negotiate.
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It would be interesting to know how many people on this site actually run just regular old conventional oil
I switched to a blend this OCI (Pennzoil High Mileage) after running only synthetics in this car for 60k miles, and I think Im going to continue on this path. I do 5,000 mile changes, and I'm a thickie too, so I don't see much point in running a synthetic for short intervals. Might try GTX HM next.
On the shelf is:
PP 5w30
PP 10w30
PP Euro 0w40
QSFS 5w30
QSFS UP 5w30
QSFS Euro 5w40
M1 5w40
M1 15w50
Havoline Lifelong 10w30
Delo XSP 15w40
In the vehicles are M1 5w40, Total Quartz 9000 5w40 & QSFS Euro 5w40 and Motul Xclean 5w40.
QS will probably be my preference but will buy some more Total and Motul as they seem pretty decent and not overly expensive. PP is bought during rebate season and Delo was found on clearance.
After making the rounds from QSUD , PPPP , Castrol , Valvoline and M1 5W30 / 0W20 synthetics - I'm down to Valvoline (Advanced / EP) in my oil stash and next will try the newer M1 Tripple action synthetic oils . The little Kia 2.0L Nu MPI engine and the Corolla 1.8L MPI engines run clean and don't burn a drop of oil at normal OCI's . Conversely , the Hyundai 2.4L GDI engine is one dirty , soot producing , oil burning piece of work that is on a 4,000 mile OCI regiment (for good reason !)
2004 Mazdaspeed MX5 with a custom engine and big turbo I use Rotella T6 5w-40 and M1-110a or a Bosch 3323 filters

2022 Honda Civic 1.5t, I use Mobil 1 0w-20 with 5k intervals. Might try the EP variant next for the same interval just for fun. OEM PLM-a02 filters here

2023 Honda CRV 1.5t will use whatever I end up using in the civic