Well, I found out why my oil got dirty so fast...

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Jul 15, 2003
About 3 weeks ago I switched to Mobil 1 and I noticed that in less than 150 miles that it was as dirty as the Pennzoil was after 5 months!

I chalked it up to the oil cleaning things out.

Well, it turns out that I had a air leak between the throttle body and the air intake duct. It finally got bad enough to trigger a check engine light and I discovered it and got a new seal to fix it.

How will this affect my oil? It's been like that for at least 3 weeks. Should I change it out sooner than I had previously planned (6 months, only driven about 4K a year).

Should I change it out sooner than I had planned?

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As a precaution, I'd drain it out. There is always the possibilitty that that leaked sucked in some bad stuff for your oil and in that location, there is no filter to stop the particles.
You want to rid yourself of any silicon that became entrapped, so dump the oil and filter and replace the same. Do again in 2,000 miles.
If it were me I'd do two oil changes in a row, in other words I'd drain the oil, then pour in some cheap oil, run it for a couple of minutes, then drain that oil and fill it up again. This should rid you of any dirt that got in there.

That's what I was afraid of.

I hate to dump out $22 oil less than 3 weeks later though.

I kinda wish I hadn't asked now...
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