Which oil for breaking in 2024 F250 7.3?

the HM varients also normally have just a bit more additive package in them and will not hurt anything in a new engine. Valvoline does not advertise extended OCI intervals with their extended performance oils, just better protection.
HM won't hurt but it won't help, it's a brand new engine. Also don't think Valvoline EP will give better protection than a non EP oil especially when he plans on 5k mile intervals.
I just called Shell and their ultra platinum does meet FORD WSS-M2C961-A1 specs. They have not updated their bottling yet but are in the process. FYI for those who search this up in the future.
I emailed Pennzoil in the last few days and they said there is no schedule to update the bottle or PDS to indicate that it meets Ford WSS-M2C61-A1 spec. How hard can it be to complete this? It tells me Ultra Platinum may be on the chopping block, although I hope not as I've used it for the last six years in my 2016 Mustang 5.0.
if it were my vehicle, and looking over some oils,,my suggestion here would be Schaeffer's 5w-30 9000 series engine oil,,got nice hths of 3.32 ,and meets/exceeds all of fords specs including WSS-M2C-962_A1,,really a good fit for your truck. also use a good filter like Fram ultra.