think i am done with oil from walmart

Jul 15, 2003
Twice. A week ago I had a leaky box on my porch. Not good.
Mine weren't leaking anywhere just the outside of the bottles was wet with oil. Enough to be irritating.

Unless I want to drive a long ways or pay $10 more at O'reilly's I am stuck with Wal-Mart here. Nothing against them or anyone else, but it is what it is.
May 16, 2021
went today and selection was lacking. no supertec synth in 10,000 just 20,000 at 26$ per jug. no qts of supertec synth at all! even oil filter selection was out of stock of many common sizes. ended up buying valoline synth for 26$ and a single penzoil 10-30 synth qt at 6.60$. these prices are no longer worth the trip. can go to napa or other auto parts store and get better selection and same pricing approx.
I haven't bought oil at Wal-Mart in 12 yrs or more. Just order online
and it shows up in a couple days.