Sunoco ultra synthetic or blend? Pics

I understand…

Though I was just speaking only and specifically to oil available and sold at gas stations.

Cheapest I have seen is $4.59 for Cam2 Superpromax at Atkins Store in Charles City county near me.

Full synthetic cheapest is $6.99 for Cam2 full synthetic at Sunny’s country store in eastern New Kent county at Lanexa.
Well I know times come along where you may need a quart of oil. But I carry my own when I am taking a trip. Always check the oil before going and top it off as required.
I'm thinking about it. See, I got 2 old quarts of Pennzoil synthetic I found d at my local Napa months ago. The old bottles,around 2005 era. 10w30. I'm funny use those,and 2 quarts I'm thinking,of the Sunoco 10w30 synth blend.and half quart of Pennzoil ultra I used, found AutoZone clearance 2013.Franken brew it. I always wanted too try Sunoco basically the place has the uktra,and synth blend. Ill do about 3000 miles over 6-8 months. Think this will do okay, variables outside,a d when summer comes..pressure,humidity 97 degrees? I should really be using full synthetuc,especially the stop n go do traffic here.