STP 4CLY OIL treatment Red Bottle big lots

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Mar 15, 2011
Well not what I expected, I emailed the lab to see if they did some type of dilution due to it's viscosity and about the aluminum that is present in the sample. These numbers do not match anything prior as far as the Zinc and Phos goes. Now I wish I had used Blackstone. Zinc 684 and Phos of 655 seems low from other samples I have seen that are in the high 3000 range. I'll have to see what they say about this, but with these number it would be like adding SN 50w oil to your oil using this and very pointless.
Man that stuff is hurtin!. Looks like just using good ole motor oil without this snake oil would be a smart choice. I do agree i like blackstone. I know there has been mess ups before with all labs but I do like B,S,. And not the one that comes from an animal.
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Dont need that stuff pretty much ever, unless you put in a way too thin oil and you want to run it out a full OCI without dumping the sump. With the low mid saps trend for converter life most ALL OTC additives will not have high phos.
Not impressed at all. If the numbers are right (and I suspect they may not be), with a KV40 of 300cSt and a VI of only 116 about the only thing you'll gain from adding STP is to grossly lower the VI of your oil. You mentioned some other VOAs of STP. Do you have the links?
That VOA is hard to read.....possible to blow it up any? Or jsut link to the PDF? BTW, this red bottle of STP is not "new" wink Unless, of course you are referring to the fact that it's a "virgin" sample...? smile
Thanks addyguy, A KV100 of something thicker than 250cSt sounds better. I suspect there's something wrong with this VOA; maybe they forgot a zero on the KV100 spec' and it's 260cSt?
I'm thinking the VOA is wrong, STP reduced the amount of zinc and phos in the blue bottle not the opposite. And I suspect the viscosity is way off as well. Still waiting for a reply back from the lab. Next time I'll go with Blackstone
I'm going to have this retested since I only poured oil from the top of the bottle and some of the particles probably settle out by now, it is almost 8 years old and been sitting in a warehouse somewhere for god knows how long. It's also so thick it's not going to mix well on it's own outside of a engine.
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