Saved $2,100 - HVAC

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My HVAC service is a owner operated company.
He is always great and never try to sell me anything.
The last trip, I asked him for advice and he said to spend the money installing electrical attic fan instead of replacing a 6 years old AC unit.
He did not charge anything for that advice and he measured the refrigerant to make sure it is still good.
So you would have an HVAC technician perform heart surgery? It appears so since you are equating the two professions in terms of required technical knowledge.

I do not need an MD to repair a furnace. I didn’t need one to replace the evaporator on the furnace either. I didn’t need one to replace an entire furnace with one of the same form factor. It just wasn’t required.

In the research lab I worked in the technician who came to repair our NMR machine had a PhD. Apparently that was the skill level required to repair such a machine. However, take a look at the individuals that are repairing residential HVAC equipment. Is a similar level of intelligence and education required here as for heart surgery or troubleshooting and repairing an NMR machine?

Your argument makes no sense.

This is all I needed to know....
If so many of you have all the freakin' answers, why are you here whining and complaining?

If one company is ripping you off, why don't you call one of the other 30-40 in your area to come to your aid?
Had the same thing this summer. Power surge cooked the HVAC control board, was quoted $550 to replace, easily found one for $120 and it took me 20 minutes to carefully switch out and that included color coding the connections and taking photos. I'm sure no electrician but I can plug in connectors.

To answer this question.....

I needed the control board replaced on my 1996-era Lennox 91% furnace in 2012 or so. I think the charge was $350. Yes, I paid it. It was the friggin' middle of February and it was the primary system in the house.

How about you calculate what that $350 is in 2022 dollars.... I'll wait.
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