Proper torquing of McGard Lug Nuts

Snap-On makes a socket with increased Hex Depth that is less likely to result in this issue:

I did the same for my Ram, but some of them are chipping. I suspect that it is related to the lug nut socket that has been used to remove/install them.
I think you may be on to something, I do mine by hand,socket with off corner engagement
They're smoking the crack pipe. Never gonna happen. Even if the vehicle owner knows this, NO shop in the world has the time.

It's a steel threaded nut that will be handled by gorillas and 16-year-olds paid $10/hr

If anyone -- including McGard -- expects this to be followed, just don't use the product and find an alternative
I thought McGard was the go-to "premium" lug nut to replace the stupid chrome plated steel nuts found on Dodge trucks and Ford Fusions, among other victims.

You know the type, where an 18mm hex steel nut with 7/16 depth is covered by a 1/2 mm thick chrome plated long hex, which twists when people don't engage the socket fully, because they think they're on a NASCAR pit crew.

Sounds like McGard is coasting on their rep, or maybe I'm thinking of a different product line, one-piece steel or something.

Or maybe they can't get their hands on the good (hexavalent?) chrome anymore.
I use chrome plated solid steel lugs from Dorman and so far they seem to hold up. I believe there are some made of stainless steel but would probably cost a small fortune.