no MOBIL 1 EP 0W20 !!

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So I went to pick up mobil 1 EP 0w20 for my gmc AT4 6.2L V8 and shelfs was EMPTY !!! 3 deferent stores (Walmart ) no oil, I dont believe there is any on amazon from what I can see..... so I picked up VALVOLINE EP 0W20 again and was on sale for 28$ a jug at Walmart
That’s really something.
its not about the money its about the profit they are making out of people, do you think sc deco worth 13 dollars per quart ? they ripping people off, that's the part I don't like, so I refuse to purchase their oil. their oil os at best 4$ not 13........
So don’t buy it would be my suggestion.
Just get any dex1 gen3 oil like Quaker state full syn and run it for the olm. Don't go beyond the intervals with these new trucks they track that.

I'm running supertech in my 2021's 6.2 atm. I got 0w-20 because it was $19 at the time compared to all the other available viscosities online which were $3 more for some odd reason and stocked up. You can also run a syn 5w-20 if you can't find any. The stealer can't reasonably justify giving you lip over it.
Don't waste members time with topics like this, out of stock items have been our reality over a year now. It's not news.

The only one who cares about what you purchase is you.

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