Extended Drain Oils

Mobil extolls the virtues of their EP oils, and a lot of people use the product. There are a number of European oils that are designed to be used for extended drain intervals.
The Mobil oil has no European approvals that I could find, and some extended drain or Long Life European oils do have approvals.

So, would it be advantageous to use an extended drain oil with"approvals" over the, for lack of better phraseology, the more generic M1 oil, which only has two approvals, Dexos and a specific Hona application.? Of course, I'm interested in how that might work out for my Camry, but am really interested in many cars that tout 10,000-mile changes.
In Europe, with flexible service intervals and oil temperature sensor and among other things, there's an algorithm that allows oil changes to go up to 30,000 km (about 18,000 miles), using manufacturer approved oils.
Well if you buy it for 7500 maybe you should buy AFE that is good for 10 thousand miles. Overthinking things, if it is good for 20 K… Oil is a balancing act and there is a better oil for you IMO.

great point, however I have other issues as well.

for example, I believe only about one third of what manufacturers or marketing people say:
20000 divided by 3 = approx 6700 miles

if I buy a "10,000 miles" oil, then I will have to change it every 3500 miles. lol
great point, however I have other issues as well.

for example, I believe only about one third of what manufacturers or marketing people say:
20000 divided by 3 = approx 6700 miles

if I buy a "10,000 miles" oil, then I will have to change it every 3500 miles. lol
Hmmm…. I am on a 6 month OCI personally. I have not drank the 20,000 mile kool aid.

Oxidation and TBN are on a UOA…
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I watch Scotty Kilmer's video's on youtube a lot, and follow his advice on this - drain and change your oil and filter once a year even if driving very little, and every 5000 miles - engines are very expensive, and oil is cheap. Your oil should be recycled anyway, so it is not very wasteful. Some fluids like transmissions are supposed to be "lifetime" and they are not easy to check, no dipsticks often anymore. So the "lifetime" of the transmission is when the transmission runs low on fluid, or breaks down quicker from oil transmission oil. On these, make sure the transmission fluid is checked often though it is more difficult to check now. And change it anyway until it gets higher mileage, over 100,000 - On motor oil, even if the oil were not to wear out, which it does - it picks up dirt and contaminants that circulate through the engine, wearing it - so get rid of dirty oil as he recommends, use good quality oil and filters -
No use changing a long drain oil at 5k, it's a total waste. Long drain oil is usually not cheap so if you want to change at 5k miles just use a regular off the shelf synthetic or even a syn blend. But even those oils can go longer than 5k unless it's short tripped or GDI.
I just went through something similar...buy an extended drain oil, experiment, go 10,000 miles, get an analysis done. I used Mobil1 EP 0W20, and the analysis came back fantastic at 10,000 miles; with wear metals as low as a 5,000 mile interval, TBN in the 3’s, insolubles nearly nothing, all that. But I attest a lot of this^^^ to the engine itself, not all but A LOT. My engine is a Toyota 2GRFE - most analysis that come back from those engines look good - if I did the same thing in a four cylinder, direct injected turbo engine, I think that report would look much different (despite the excellent Mobil1 EP).

But it was fun, it only cost me a few extra bucks for the Mobil1 EP and I actually ended up saving money because I eliminated an entire oil change (I usually stick to 5,000 miles). And I had a couple of quarts left over...was able to buy just one 5 quart jug of the EP this time, and plan on doing one more 10,000 mile interval (with no analysis). I think two 10,000 intervals will more than make up for the extra cost of the oil and analysis. And who knows...maybe I stick with 10,000 mile intervals? Maybe I go 12,000 miles (my report said try 12,000). Or maybe I settle at 7,500 and call it a day. In the long run I don’t think it’ll make a single bit of difference in this engine, I‘m using synthetic anyway...why not save a little bit of cash? I know it’s minuscule savings but if it doesn’t cost you anything to save? I’ll do it.
frankly with DI engines I no longer have much interest in extended OCI. That the biggest SNAFU that the car industry has made in years.
Fuel dilution has ruined any ideas I had about extended drain intervals. Unfortunately, I was late to the ball game with learning the effects of FD, so the first few OCIs on our 18 CRV were followed strictly by the OLM. 1st OC done at 6200 mi, 2nd went 8100 mi and 3rd 5000 mi. On our 4th OC, done at 4900 mi, I did my first oil analysis and saw minor FD, but our 5th OC with only 4300 miles, saw a huge uptick in FD. It was the perfect storm -- we live in a small town so short trips are the norm, plus those 4300 mi were almost entirely during the winter, and an unseasonably cold one at that. We had several days of lows near -20 in February. So going forward, despite only driving 7000-8000 miles a year, I'm going to change every 6 months. I researched our town weather on weatherspark.com and determined the coldest 6 months of the year are between October 21st and April 21st. So those dates have now become my oil change dates. ;)
Other than the vacuum pump seal leaking our 2017 Ford Escape with the 2.0 ecoboost has had zero issues from extended drains and we’re at 140k on the clock now. I typically run 15k mile intervals give or take a thousand but have went as far as 18k with out issue other than fuel dilution. After the Valvoline EP is spent I plan to switch to HPL 0W40 and feed it that until the end of time or the wife decides she’s ready for a new vehicle
I did 10K oil changes for almost 20 years. Did it on my 2004 Ram 1500 5.7. I gave it away in 2018 with 275k miles to young man in
neighborhood that need a car. It's still zipping around town. I did the same with wife's 2000 Caravan for 160K miles. By that time we were tired of patching up the body rust (plus the kids grew up) so she got something younger and prettier. No powertrain/engine issues. Same with her present vehicle, a 2007 Sonata which we got with 100K miles gifted to her by an uncle. (Nevada vehicle very clean) It's got 200K miles now.
My 2018 Ram pickup has the v6 vvt and I'm a little more conservative with it. The oil meter thingie wants me to go 10K, but I'm averaging 7 to 8K ocis. I got 107K miles already in 4 years. I'll post if I develop any engine issues from this. So far so good.
Pennzoil Platinum has finally entered extended performance in a big way 👀😎

Why would you put nice clean oil through a dirty oil filter?
Many oil filters are good for extended periods of time. People have done used oil analysis that has shown oil filters can work well beyond one oil change interval. It was hard for me to believe and trust this at first, but with time and experience and studying a bunch of UOAs here, I've come to agree that a solid oil filter (like a Fram Ultra) can easily last two oil changes. Don't let the LOLs and "Here we go!" comments get to you. Not everyone knows everything or has the same experience and some people here forget that.