Comments or thoughts on daughters extended warranty claim denied

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Mar 2, 2009
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Hi everyone, Mike from Manitoba here.

Last week our daughters 2017 Ford Escape 1.5 Lt had to be towed to the dealer because the high temp light came on and the car went into limp mode.
She was not worried at first because she had the extended warranty and had all oil changes etc done there as scheduled.( car has around 125000 km).
Then they tell her some coolant leaked into the block and caused engine failure and the repair cost is $8000 plus taxes . And unknown to her (and me) her claim
will not be covered because she never had her tires rotated as written in the small print. She said nobody told her it was required but its in the papers when you read every last word. I haver never heard of that in my life and I'm almost 65. So she is really stuck, they probably won't give her much on a trade , she is making payments
on a car she can't drive and she does not really want to part with the 8-9 grand to fix it. I did some online looking and is is a fairly common issue on these cars.
It has been a good vehicle up till now. Has any one else had a claim not covered due to tires not rotated, and what should we do with the car now?
sounds like a dealer forever warranty. they are basically scam.. they always make up some bs to get out of it.. and milk you for every service you can think of.

the 1.5T seems relatively troubleprone pos engine

I googled for replacement engine and the first 6 hits were people with cracked cylinders/etc leaking coolant into engine destroying it.. at relatively low miles.
Canadian law might be different but if the dealer sold her this warranty whether it’s a Ford warranty or a third party warranty then they should have known the requirements. Tire rotations are usually scheduled in the owners manual. The dealership should have been rotating the tires as that task would come up on the schedule.

It’s a interesting question. Obviously the tire rotations have nothing to do with the problem.
Those blocks are cracking in the 40k mile range . They since changed the casting . More meat in between cylinders were there was a gap before .
These darn penny pinching manufacturers .
Call Ford themselves , worth a try. They knew that had a bad design.
@mikes426 I don't know anything about Canadian consumer law. However, I would advise you to hire an attorney at this point to represent you. Depending on how scummy the warranty company/dealer is, they might be scared into compliance, or you might need to go all the way. Either way, it'll be worth it. Most dealers and warranty companies have a lot more to lose if someone takes a closer look at their racket, so they will immediately comply. It all depends. Good luck!
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And unknown to her (and me) her claim
will not be covered because she never had her tires rotated as written in the small print.
This is definitely one of those dealer-only warranties where you have to have all services performed at the dealer and do all of the services they require. This probably includes things like engine cleaning flushes, fuel injection cleaning, intake cleaning, etc, etc. She agreed to a contract, didn't uphold her end, so the dealership doesn't have to uphold their end (this does NOT mean I agree with this type of "warranty" either).
Obviously tire rotation has nothing to do with the current issue. They're trying to palm you off with a nonsense answer. Time to have a lawyer write the warranty provider a letter.

If you take them to small claims court (which might be the next step) be sure to take your own expert witness (a licensed mechanic or a mechanical engineer). One of my friends had a claim against a stereo installation company fail even though the provider had done obvious things wrong (like cold soldered joints that had failed) because the judge ruled that the customer wasn't an expert on stereo installation.
Also, you might want to contact a local news station and tell them about this.
Who advertises on the TV news? With all the stealership scams we all know about why have there never been any exposed on TV?

OP, get a lawyer (barrister?), the dealer is obviously acting in bad faith and any further interaction between you and them will sabotage your efforts.
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