Comments or thoughts on daughters extended warranty claim denied

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I think we should all call Tricare tomorrow when they open up and give them a piece of our minds. 1-844-601-2018.

Same goes for the Ford dealers that are selling this crap insurance. Time to shame these guys into providing better customer service rather than denying an engine claim for lack of tire rotations.

Sure, they might win in court because of the legalese of the contract, but are they willing to shell out the money to send out their attorney or hire a local guy rather than telling the dealer to cover it or paying for the repairs? Will the judge in Canada review this case and not even let it get to the stand? I don't know how the law works up in CAN though.

The CBC exposure is a great idea, sounds like a story that will be easy to write and very click baity "Engine Warranty Denied Because Customer Didn't Rotate Tires, tonight at 6:00".

Shame the dealer and Tricare into compliance.

Don't forget Google Reviews either, lots of BITOG's that can drive those star ratings down lol.

If by some miracle the engine gets covered, trade it in ASAP.

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