As Bad as Walmart is,

Just was at one in Frankfort KY.....NO issues and a very pleasant experience...:)
They weren’t bare however, shelf space dedicated to motor oil has decreased.
Same thing at my local Walmart. They rearranged the Automotive aisles and in the process, reduced motor oil shelf space to about half of what it used to be. From a retailer perspective, this makes sense. Prolonged empty shelf space was a waste of valuable space.

They finally have some Rotella T6 on the shelf - for the first time in 2 years. No more clearance deals on motor oil, though. I'm glad I built up a 140-qt stash @ avg price of qt during the good years.
Once in a great while.... there's that "one" employee! But yes, most of the time.... it's a cluster-$#%$# to go through that store.
My local WM is a semi-modern superstore, clean, but it's like they can't get enough employees to come in every day.

It's a bit funny, that there is a greeter, and there's the loss prevention people there, but try to get something from a locked display bin, or service in general and nobody is around. Go to a department and if they notice you, have to call someone over from a different department.

I realize some of this is to decrease operating costs, but I'm just not that into making going to walmart, an hour+ hike around a superstore, where of course they put the milk and eggs in the very back corner, lol. Meh, I do almost all grocery at Meijer or especially Kroger because I get fuel points back, usually save over 30 cents a gallon and even more with food prices higher... These days, have to shop both just to get basic staples that one or the other is out of (or else pay for a premium priced alternative).
My walmart is a hop, skip, and a jump away from me. It's not glamourous or clean place but it serves it's purpose as a generic 1-stop-shop type of place. I'll go in already knowing what I need and where it is in the store. Most things at my walmart aren't really any cheaper than anybody else but Walmart tends to have more options for "general" food. Any produce, veggies, or cooked food from there is a big no-no for me though.

I do have 2 Jewel-Oscos, Mariano, and Tony's within a 5 minute drive with Tony's being the best around the area. There's also a Meijer and Amazon Fresh about 15 minutes North of me so I have options.
That would be a very long thread/post. Now, there are "good" stores for sure... I highly believe it's the localized management team that makes the difference. If no one notices the smaller operational details, then who will? It's like anything... there are good car dealerships and then there are ones that put themselves out of business. Some people don't care about anything else but "price" and will put-up with anything to get it. I know pleanty of people that avoid Walmart for reasons that are self evident. I don't think I need to explain...
Honestly the only thing cheaper than anyplace else now is motor oil and my whey/isolate protein mix, but that's starting to head upwards in price to match all the other stores. Their Equate creatine has maybe surpassed GNC's price now. ALL of their groceries are more expensive than any grocery store in town.
I was finally able to get a FedEx tracking # for my two MIA tires. They were shipped with the two that arrived but somehow split up in transit.

Get this, I see FedEx notification they arrived at Walmart, go in to see if they can fit me in, and they can't find the two tires they received the day prior. They supposedly looked around, asked around, and nobody knows anything, so they don't know what to do except wait longer and if they don't turn up, get a refund and reorder.

I wondered around their tire racks and found them, with my name right on the label. They didn't look where I found them because "they weren't supposed to be there". They couldn't get the tires put on that day, so still not installed.