As Bad as Walmart is,

Over the years I have purchased 4 sets of tires from Walmart...Never an issue in ordering them and never an issue on installation either..
Our local walmart is still pretty spartan for oil and filters but I stopped at a walmart in the suburbs of Atlanta last week while travelling, and there oil and filter selection was completely stocked. So maybe its regional or maybe my walmart is inept.

Either way, I buy whatever I can at Walmart. Its cheap. Service is crappy everywhere these days and there all selling the same stuff so I'll take the walmart discount.. At least Walmart isles are wide enough for 2 carts to pass.
I've never had any issues at Walmart. Again, I only go there for oil and everything but food, but that is only because Kroger is right by my house. You can't beat their oil prices...going to an auto parts store to pay more just seems ridiculous regardless of how you feel about the place.
The Krogers around Louisville are much higher on food that Walmart is...and that is for the exact same product...
My only complaint is that Wal-Mart catered/caved to Wall Street and raised their margins late last year. I have quit purchasing items that are cheaper elsewhere. Although on my last few trips have noticed that a couple of my regular items have come down a little. Still more to go.
I am likely the odd one out. I don't hate Wal Mart. For the few years I lived in rural Pennsylvania, my erroneous dislike for Wal Mart turned into an appreciation. I could get a decent selection of quality oil at a no game playing price, every day. I found like prices for non-auto maintenance items also. And I found Wal Mart's food section to sell some nice specialty foods at a good price.

No Wal Mart hater here.

Wal-Mart is bad for local farmers/businesses but other than that, yep, don't hate them either.
Personally have no great love for WalMart, but certainly no hate either. In our small (20000) town, if you don't want to shop what I call boutique shops, you are stuck with Wally World. Don't buy much groceries there, as there 2 other stores that are as good or better on food prices. But do buy most all oil and filters there. Always have a good selection. Well unless you are wanting a specific type, but for me I am flexible.
They are almost fully self check out now, only I think one full service check stand. But I have gotten to like that.

I could care less about Wal Mart. I shop at Rural King. Better prices and way more friendly staff. And it’s family dollar and Foodland I walk to for better prices.

When the girlfriend goes to get M1 oil and it’s used oil in jug and a used filter in a tough Guard box: shame on you Wal Mart.

Rant over
As bad as Walmart is, they sometimes have oil in stock and at a decent price.
I was in my local Walmart this morning picking up some sundries. Deodorant, shampoo and such.
I decided to check out the alleged bare shelves in the motor oil area. They weren’t bare however, shelf space dedicated to motor oil has decreased. They had some Castrol 5W40 Euro, Mobil 1 0W40 Euro, Valvoline 5W40 Euro, Pennzoil Euro L 5W30, and QuakerState 5W40 Euro.
The price for the Quaker State 5W40 Euro was very good so, I bought some.
5qt. Jug Quaker State 5W40 Euro = $21.48
1 qt. Bottle Quaker State 5W40 Euro = $5.38
Super Tech Advanced Full Synthetic is ridiculously over priced. Pritzker🤦‍♂️
You notice that too huh. Supertech is slowly matching manufacturer prices. It use to be 13 bucks a jug. Now it’s almost 20 bucks if not more.
We have Meijers here in Louisville
I didn't know they were that "far" south. I left KY off my list above even though I remembered they have stores in Covington, etc (N KY).

Heh, wikipedia says they're in Illinois and Wisconsin as well.
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Outside of Xichigan, Ohio, and Indiana, not many people will know what a "Meijer" is. We like Meijer but it's not convenient for us. I would drive past (2) Krogers to get to Meijer and I drive past Walmart twice a day. Our son prefers Meijer but it's closer to him too.
Super bonus points for the correct spelling of that place up north.
The world is full of hypocrites. "Do as I say, not as I do" !!

Pretty sure he's referring to Pennzoil price at Walmart. I can't say I've seen any 5-quart oil at auto parts stores under $30 unless it's on sale or it's the store brand and even then, the store brand is in the high-20s. I have been buying O'Reilly Syntec for (2) of our cars and it's always around $30, sometimes with the oil filter bundle offer.
I think both of us are having problems comprehending each other’s posts.
Super Tech Advanced Full Synthetic isn’t a deal anymore. You can get Chevron Havoline Pro DS, Quaker State Full Synthetic and Pennzoil Platinum at a lower cost, at Walmart. I can buy Valvoline 10W40 motorcycle oil at NAPA cheaper than the Super Tech 10W40 motorcycle oil. Most oils that I buy come from PSC, FCP Euro, or a local lubricant distributor.
Like I said, I don’t usually shop at Walmart for oil. I don’t usually shop at Walmart for groceries. I can find groceries as cheap or cheaper at grocery stores. I do often buy certain sundries at Walmart. Their selection of shampoos, soaps, laundry detergent, toothpaste, and other similar items is larger. I don’t buy usually clothing or shoes there because, their shoes are junk. The one exception is Wrangler jeans and shorts.
One thing that I will absolutely not buy at Walmart is vitamins and supplements. Their Spring Valley vitamin brand are Chinese imports. I want to be sure that I’m not getting melamine in my vitamins.
Walmart is the only grocery store in my area. I like there prices even though they have increased significant the last 2 years. Buying oil & oil filters is a no brainer there or online from there store.
Another thing that I don’t buy at Walmart is automotive batteries. I’ve had bad experience buying their Everstart Maxx batteries. Now, these were the JCI made batteries.
Walmart is the only grocery store in my area. I like there prices even though they have increased significant the last 2 years. Buying oil & oil filters is a no brainer there or online from there store.
Sometimes, you have to do what you can to get by. I can certainly understand your situation.
I just find it odd that some people compare oil availability to what they see on the shelves of their local Walmart.
We utilize Walmart for some household purchases, kids clothes, and of course oil and filters.

But we don't get groceries there, as the selection and quality (specifically meat, cheese and produce) are poor compared to H-E-B here in Texas. Being that our Walmart is directly across the street from H-E-B, there's very little incentive to shop for groceries at Walmart unless we are in a major time crunch and already at Walmart for something else.

We also shop for groceries at Costco for certain items like linens, clothes, produce, coffee, vitamins, supplements and wine/beer. Sometimes buy meat to freeze at Costco. Basically anything that we are ok with buying in large quantity is a Costco item, otherwise we go to H-E-B. Costco is usually a once a month trip whereas we may go to H-E-B 2 or 3 times a month, sometimes more.

We are moving to a more rural place that's farther out from the urban core that does not currently have a Walmart, but recently had an H-E-B open. I imagine that because of this our Walmart and Costco trips will be less frequent as they are two suburbs over from where we'll be living. Thankfully, the H-E-B that was built is extremely large and I think they will have a lot of household items.
I have a Walmart about 3 miles from our house and go there at least one time per week. I can't see and reason to be a hater. It's definitely not a glamorous or boquete store however it serves it's purpose. Their oils and car products are very competitively priced. Their batteries are quite a lot more than Costco for some odd reason.
Super bonus points for the correct spelling of that place up north.
I can still remember watching OSU football games on the local PBS station (WBGU - Bowling Green) and how they weren't (re-)broadcast until the following day, so they showed them at 12:01am ! Must have been some licensing agreement between whoever carried the game live (probably a local Columbus station only) and PBS. Daughter attends there currently as well.