1987 New Yorker 2.5l N/A Oil

I always used the Purolators with my 2.5 and any 5w-30 oil I got a deal on. It was one of the best engines I ever had. Timing belts every 60-70k and I replaced the water pump with it even though it wasn't driven by the T-belt. It was easy when everything was apart.
It is a non interference engine but I would replace that timing belt if it wasn't done.
Ahhhh yes, its been years since I replaced one of the timing belts on the 2.2/2.5 engines, but it is definitely on my radar. I bought a Shadow once with a blown head gasket (got it for $200!), had the head rebuilt/planed, had the deck planed (warped as all get out), threw it all back together but skipped the timing belt because it *looked* good (I was 20 years old and dumb - dont judge me, lol). A week later, guess what snapped while I was driving :rolleyes: No damage, of course, except for a tow bill. Heck, I probably could've replaced the timing belt on that thing in the parking lot I broke down at, there isnt much to the job!