1987 New Yorker 2.5l N/A Oil

Nov 23, 2004
So I just picked up a 1-owner, garaged its entire life, low miles (70k) 1987 New Yorker, NOT the v8 one, but the K-Car one with the digital dashboard, and voice alerts "YOUR DOOR IS AJAR" lol :cool:

It has the 2.5l NON-Turbo, funny thing is I have the original window sticker, and it came STANDARD with the 2.2l Turbo but for like a $650 savings, someone DELETED that engine and went with the other engine option, the boring, but reliable, 2.5l four. Blah. Guess I cannot complain, it runs GREAT and is smooth as silk. But having owned a New Yorker Turbo before, I will miss the whistle and whole 7lbs of boost...ha ha

Getting ready to change the oil for the first time, I have no indication of the last time it was changed. It has a MOPAR Oil Filter, so it was probably at least changed at a Dodge Shop somewhere. The car is going to be driven occasionally, probably 2-3,000 miles a year TOPS. It has oil seepage all over the place, I will get to that eventually. Until then, what is YOUR recommendation for oil and filter? I was thinking Valvoline white bottle 5w30 and a WIX oil filter? Or would a synthetic blend be a better idea?


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Maxlife. May help the seepage. I would use a fram/supertech filter.

When I was at the store just now, Maxlife only comes in Syn Blend, or full Synthetic. Unless there is a plain Maxlife conventional that Meijer doesnt carry? Or do you think one of those would be fine?
Oil seepage everywhere, sounds like the PCV needs to be changed, also check the PCV lines. Of course, maybe the seals are bad from sitting for years, nice car, Good Luck!
Awesome car - I've always liked those.
I'd go with some Dino or blend HM 5w30 that you can get fairly cheap if you'll be needing to top it off.
Maxlife, which would be a great choice, is a blend (and has been so for quite some time) - it'd be a great oil for your use.
Those are cool cars. If you’re not in a hurry, they are comfortable and a nice place to spend some time behind the wheel. Someone I used to know had a 1992 Fifth Ave mark cross version. It was sweet. Paint flaking off the too and some clear oat peeling on the hood. Cracks in the landau top.
the interior was mint and it ran well. Very soft suspension and leisurely acceleration.
Good luck with it.
Any name brand filter and some Supertech syn should be fine. Maybe a quick 1000 mile for the first oil change and then once a year thereafter.
What a beautiful car! Exactly how I would have ordered it too, 2.5 n/a with cloth!

I'd run whatever 10W-30 you want, those engines weren't picky about oil and anything today is light years ahead of 1987 oil.
Cheap option would be Havoline HM 10w30 synblend box. $17 for 6ts.

Valvoline 10w30 HM MaxLife would also get a vote but more expensive.
It has oil seepage all over the place, I will get to that eventually.

A lot of that seepage might be the valve cover, those things always leaked and made a mess all down the engine making it look like everything else was leaking when it wasn't. I think 1990 was the year they finally fixed it.
Maxlife 10w30 and a FL1A if it'll fit, and it probably will.

The valve cover gasket is a cock-a-many thing with two rubber ends for the curved parts and two cork bits for the straights. IIRC the fix is to just RTV where the cork was.
Formula Shell is on sale at Menards right now, I think its a 6 quart box for $17 or something like that. I know its going to leak some of it out, so the concept of using "whatever is good and cheap for now" is on my radar. Get the Shell, or hold out for the Maxlife?