0W-20 vs 5W-30 synthetics in cold temps

And it failed so did Amsoil Pennzoil beat them both. 不不
To be clear, Project Farm is not licensed by the API, ACEA or any other body and they do not run the J300 protocols, which are what determine pass/fail for the various grades as defined under J300.

Pour Point was abandoned as part of J300 because it didn't adequately capture how oil behaved near the pick-up tube or under shear, which is what @kschachn has alluded to.
^^^ Some history and info on CCS and Pumpability viscosity limits that are defined in SAE J300. I think a MRV (Mini Rotary Viscometer) type device is used for both CCS and Pumpability viscosity measurements (they are both dynamic viscosity measurements in units of cP), but the temperature and shear rates are different for the two tests.




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