Would you use this oil?

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Jun 2, 2004
Athens, Greece
Would you use a 5W-30 oil,for 6K miles OCI with the following specs: API SJ/ SH-EC; ACEA A1-98/ B1-98; FORD WSS-M2C-913-A; FORD WSS-M2C-913-B; FORD-WSS-M2C-912-A1?
German Made Oil. Divinol 5W-30 Multilight. My dealer wants to use it for my Mazda 6. They recommend 10.000 km OCIs. I don't feel comfortable with this choice.
I would certainly be OK with it if the 6k miles was put on in a reasonable driving style . I like the looks of the 0w-40 better [Smile] but the 5w-30 blend looks simalar to the Mobil Super FE Special 5w-30 which in turn is like or close to the Saab 5w-30 Syn Blend imported into the U.S.A . Solid , reasonably shear stable 9.5 cSt oils . Passenger vehicle engine oils -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DIVINOL Syntholight 0W/30 Vollsynthetisches Longlife-Leichtlauf-Motorenöl auf Basis modernster Technologie wurde speziell für die modernen Otto- und Diesel-PKW-Motoren mit WIV-Systemen der VW-Motoren konzipiert. Es ermöglicht, den vollen Umfang der verlängerten Ölwechselintervalle optimal nutzen zu können. Das Öl darf aus technischen Gründen in VW- und AUDI-Fahrzeugen ohne WIV-Systeme nicht eingesetzt werden. Das Produkt erfüllt die gestellten Anforderungen der verlängerten Ölwechselintervalle der VW-Normen 503.00 (Benzinmotoren) und 506.00 (Dieselmotoren). Das Produkt bietet optimale Schmiersicherheit über den gesamten Wartungsintervallzeitraum. Die niedrige HTHS-Viskosität ermöglicht maximale Kraftstoff- ersparnisse und trägt somit auch zur Entlastung der Umwelt bei. Spezifikation: API SJ/ CF; ACEA A1/ B1; VW 503.00+506.00 (05.99) DIVINOL Syntholight 0W/40 Fully synthetic absolute top class engine oil with fuel saving characteristics (according to API EC II up to 2.7%) for the most sophisticated spark ignition and diesel passenger vehicle engines. Its unique viscosity range ensures excellent lubrication characteristics even under extreme operation conditions and traffic situations. This new Divinol product has excellent thermal load capacity, ageing and oxidisation stability due to the use of premium synthesis oils. Is kind to the catalytic converter and is compatible with all sealing materials used in engines. Specification: API SJ/ CF; VW 502.00/ 505.00; ACEA A3-98/ B3/B4-98; Mercedes-Benz 229.1; corr. Porsche, BMW-Longlife 01 DIVINOL Multilight FO SAE 5W-30 Modern multi-purpose fuel-efficient engine oil for the latest generation of gasoline/petrol engines and diesel engines including turbo chargers and catalytic converters observing the individual manufacturer specifications. The unconventional and conventional base oils as well as the state-of-the-art additive packages guarantee a low viscosity highly stable engine oil. Effectively prevents deposits, lowers friction loss and thus leads to fuel savings with simultaneous engine lifetime extension. Specifications: API SJ/ SH-EC; ACEA A1-98/ B1-98; FORD WSS-M2C-913-A; FORD WSS-M2C-913-B; FORD-WSS-M2C-912-A1 Divinol Home
Xenos, why not use an A3 rated oil for 10k km and call it a day...eg. M-1 0-40. It's like the local Mercedes dealer here...they want to use A-1 rated M-1 5-30 because in their minds "only AMG's get the 0-40".... Recommendation: Bring your own oil (or do own OCI) depending on if you want to have the dealer stamp or not while it's on warranty.
Well that is what I plan to do, bring my own oil. The owners manual also recommends 5W-20 SL oil. I was thinkimg of using either 0W-20 Fuchs Titan GT1 or maybe Aral 0W-30. Both are A3 rated synthetic oils. If the dealer gives me flack, I will have him do the oil change, stamp the book and then go home, dump the oil out and put the goof stuff in. I drive relatively aggressively, red line it on occassion and temperatures in y part of the world are mild to hot.
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