who is running Schaeffers 7000 15w40?

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Jun 4, 2002
Alright guys, I am over my anger at schaeffers lol. Yes I am a person with a bit of a temper that often pulls stunts like this. I did fill my engine with castrol 5w50 as I am conviced it is designed for a thicker oil than a 30wt. Probably the reason why my analysis showed so much iron. At any rate, with the 50wt the motor seems a little sluggish, it is only 140 hp to begin with, and I am thinking of going back to the schaeffer oil, but the 15w40 instead of the 10w30 sort of an inbetween thing. My question being, I live in Northern Ohio and it gets down to around -5 degrees or so sometimes in the winter. I had absolutely no problems with the 10w30 Schaeffers, and the specs for the 15w40 seems very much similar, do you guys think I can run this oil down to -5 degrees? Is anyone running it now in a colder climate? please let me know.

From what I understand the 15w40 would actually qualify as a 10w40, so you shouldn't have problems running it down to -5 occasionally. I ran my 10w30 Supreme 7000 down to -9 and it started no problem.

Glad to hear your coming back to Schaeffer's. Patman's experience is much closer to what you can expect than mine.

However, I have 15w-40 Series 7000 running in both my wifes Saturn,a F-150 V-6 and two tractors. No engine suffers any starting sluggishness down to 15*f. In fact both diesel tractors start much more easily on the Schaeffer's compared to any other 15w-40 I have used.

As for the other vehicles I cannot tell any cold weather starting difference between the Penn 10w-30 mineral oil I used to run and the Schaeffer's 15w-40 they now get.

Now usage of the Schaeffer's has improved the Saturn's drinking habit from 1 quart per 3000 miles to somewhere around half a quart per 3000 miles. And both gas engines are quieter at initial start-up.
I dont think your problems have anything to do with the 50 weight but with the oil used...
For one its Syntec and also, few oils can maintain such a large spread w/o too much VII's.


Many of the guys on the Hyundai Forums reccommend the Syntec 5w50, and I have seen some very impressive analysis results with this oil as well. I am going to ride this syntec out till at least 3k so I can get it analyzed. If it is performing well, I may keep it in, if not I will either move on the schaeffer 15w40 or maybe try the mobil 1 0w40. Yesterday when I put the oil in I felt the car was a bit sluggish with the 50wt, but today it seemed back to normal. I think I was just too worried about it. Also car has been starting great at about 20 degrees with the 5w50. I will post the analysis results when I get them.


Originally posted by Nailz:

Many of the guys on the Hyundai Forums reccommend the Syntec 5w50, and I have seen some very impressive analysis results with this oil as well.

if you would,please post a link to these analysis's,,if it is direct that's OK,I will modify it. I among others would be interested in looking at those analysis.

dragboat, I will gladly post links to the analysis results if the A forum is reopened on Hyundai Connection. It is currently closed for updates I guess, and it has been for about a month. Most of the results I have seen on this oil were posted there. I will for sure post my results when they are finished. Should be about 2 months.


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I have been using the Schaeffer's 7000 15w-40 for the past 6 months. Couple of weeks ago we had lows -1,0,and 5 with daytime highs at 16-18 degrees F. Oil pressure came right up on each start. 00 Silverado with 6.0 engine. I had been using 10w-30 Trop-Artic until the warrenty ran out. No change in gas milage with the 15w-40 I plan to keep using it.
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