What type of Dog Breeds do you own?

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Feb 20, 2018
I own a German Sheppard/Lab mix. Just wandering what everybody else has as a pet. I LOVE dogs.

My Boston Terrier is a real character. I have to leave the kitchen when she eats or she has one paw lifted looking at me with the expression, "well, when are you going?" Very funny. She was given to me as a small puppy I didn't buy her or really know her original predicament. The story was some people bought her but had an apartment and it quickly went downhill because they worked. When I got her she went to the bathroom everywhere. It didn't take log for her to learn to go outside. Which means often now I take her out at 3 AM because I don't leave her outside alone. She has no ideas about aggression and bad things happening, totally innocent. She also is about as cute as it gets.
Our dog Lady is a Labrador Retriever/Flat-Coated Retriever mix with a dash of Harrier mixed in. Looks more or less all Yellow Lab. We ran a dog DNA test out of curiosity and that’s how we found what all she was mixed with.
Hello Bev and welcome to BITOG. You will gain a plethora of knowledge on this site on various topics. I own a 2 year old Shih Tzu named Haley. Have a nice day!!!

I got my little Lucy from a pitbull rescue when she was about a year old. She was found as a stray after being hit by a car. Her left shoulder has 9 or 10 titanium pins holding it together. While she was recovering from that surgery, right before she was ready to come home to me she came down with pneumonia and had to be in an oxygen chamber until she recovered. I remember going to visit her and she crawled right in my lap like she was already mine.

4 years later and she's the best dog I could ever hope for. She's very small for a pit, only 48 pounds. 100% a spoiled daddies girl!
I adore Golden Retrievers, i had one until i was 12, still miss her very very much.
In an ideal world i'd have :
A Golden Retriever
A Samoyed
A Bernese Mountain Dog
and a Cockatiel.
I currently have a female chocolate lab. Second chocolate lab I have have.

Both labs have been the most well mannered and easily trained dogs I have had. I had to put down my chocolate lab of 14 years last October - I rarely cry but I bawled like a baby. She knew it was time and I got a couple of tail wags as the vet did his thing. My father even shed a few tears - something I had not seen in years.

My current lab is a 75lb puppy at heart and will turn 6 this June. We got her when I was traveling for work, she is the family "guard" dog. She has never been aggressive or even shown a hit of it but I wouldn't want to test her if something were to happen to myself or especially my wife. She will do anything to play fetch, going after that ball is what she lives for. She has hunting genetics but I did not train her for a hunting dog. Its hilarious because when she gets a big startled or unsure of something she will freeze and point. Even when puppy training at 8 weeks old to this day, we've only had about 8 accidents in the house. She's to darn smart for her own good, we have to spell words or use code words and switch them up frequently and you best not say "outside", "walk" or "car ride" without being serious and taking her along.
We've got a solid white, 70 lb, American Staffordshire. In other words, a Pit Bull. I've never had a gentler or sweeter dog than him. Obedient and playful beyond belief.
We have three Jack Russell Terriers. They are a hand full. Each one is extremely different. One male is my shadow and follows me around all day when I am home. Another one is a female and the most loving dog we have ever had. She also thinks everything that moves is her prey, except for humans.

They are all very feisty and will fight over food like they are fighting to the death.

I would not recommend Jack Russell's to anyone that cannot take them or let them go outside a lot every day. They are really little hunters and they need activity a lot.

Welcome, Bev! Wow some balance at BITOG!
3 Maremma's at the moment. They keep the wildlife away from the farm animals and live in the barn, except for our oldest. She's semi-retired at 12 and spends most nights or days below -10C inside now. She was out one night at -25C this winter but was smart enough bed down in the straw in the barn.
I like the breed though, as I think they've had a few thousand years of natural selection in the mountains of Italy improving them for the job, and no Kennel Club garbage genetics influence.
It's almost like you have a wild animal helping you keep your livestock safe, as they take care of themselves, and aren't over active so they don't eat alot. They are a good farm dog and it would be cruel to have one in the city, as its only a dog to have with some acres and some animals for them to take care of.
Long Hair Chihuahua
Dachshund (mix)

All very sweet dogs. The Dachshund is like 12 years old. Getting up there.
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