Guess its my turn, lost a dog buddy

I am so very sorry for your loss! What a great dog, and your story of how he came to join your “pack” is heartwarming. Truly. I loved it. Hence the “love” emoji - brought tears to my eyes. May Cruiser rest in peace.
Its tough our furry friends have a shorter life than most of us.
They give us so many of our best days and one of the worst.
You did the brave and kind thing. Being there at the end is the least we can do for them.
All dogs go to heaven.
Sd sorry for your loss
Thanks for all the love and condolenses folks, he was a special guy. I will see him again one day.

Ed, thanks for the poem. I've copied it and will print/frame it to go with the memorial. Zee, thanks for fixing the pics.


The beginning of a long frienship. He led a very charmed life.
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Sad to hear about you losing your friend, OP. My wife and I have always had rescue cats we adopt from shelters. Losing our first 3 at around 17-18 years of age 4 years ago was really tough. But we adopted 3 more right after and have been really happy with them. We always tell the shelter we'll take whoever they've had the longest, sight unseen. All this is to tell you to adopt another dog, OP. SO many need homes, and I'm sure there's someone perfect waiting for you. :)
So sorry to hear, cherish the moments and the photos but for some reason when it comes to a much loved pet I don’t think that makes the pain of missing them any easier.

Sometime this year we will have to make that decision for our 14 year old dog. Failing heart valves, Dr says at some point this year his heart medication will no longer be effective. Not sure if he will see his 15th birthday in the summer. Mentally we try to prepare but can’t imagine him no longer being in our home.

One thing for sure, like you did. we will be by his side when the time comes. He became part of our family not much later than yours at the end of Sept 2010
I miss <<<<<Roscoe tremendously still, 14 months after he passed. So sad for the loss of your Cruiser.
Yes, you will see him again....and again..... and again someday, along with all the other pets you shared a home with in love.