What is the point in Castrol Syntec "Blend"

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Nov 26, 2002
Texas & BWI Area
if you really want a blend couldnt you just take a good group II and add a 2 quarts of M1 or RL to it? under such reasoning only then would you have a synthetic blend. Yes, from what I read even Mobil is guilty of this blend misnomer. (unless ya bought the Shaefer's stuff that is)
I think possibly a blend could be a few different things. It could be 90% G II with 10% G III added to a blend with a weak additive package and be total garbage. Maybe a G II+ blended with the right esters and additives performs really well, or at least better than many expected. Aren't some of the newer synths G III with some esters instead of conventional high-end G IV PAO plus esters?
The problem with making your own synthetic blend is that you don't know if the different additive packages in each oil work with each other for your benefit, or if they may tend to cancel each other. Blending won't do any harm, but may give poorer results than either oil alone. Some of the blends on the market might be some low cost group I base oil + group III...just enough group III to meet ILSAC GF-3 specs. The main purpose of most blends is for marketing. Schaeffer's is about 75-80% Group II+ and 20-25% PAO. Ken [ January 09, 2004, 12:01 AM: Message edited by: Ken2 ]
I don't know what it is about Castrol's Syntec blend but we've seen some very impressive UOAs on here from that oil! More impressive than the ones we've seen with full synthetic Syntec! (with the exception of GC)
I came to this forum thinking blends had no value. Heck this blend doesn't look as good as GTX on the data sheets. I can't argue with the uoa's though. The blend seems to work in the real world. The full Syntec is looking like a poor value to me now and I'll probably get away from it.
I also used to think blends were a huge waste of money, but Schaeffer's blends and Syntec blend both show some seriously great UOAs!
At my local walmart Syntec Blend costs <$10 for the 5 Quart bottle so pricewise not horrible. Although Chevron Supremem is only $1.08/QT still around here at Walmart.
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