What I Found Christmas Shopping

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Sep 26, 2003
Pittsburgh, PA
Christmas shopping with the wife the last two days, she's cool and lets me check out car stuff.
FYI, I found Mobil 1 0w-20 at Wally-World, the label says it's an okay replacement for Hondas and Fords calling for 5w-20. They also had M1 0w-40 which I hadn't seen there before, but no M1 0w-30 which K-Mart does carry and I'm running in my '02 Ranger now.
Get to the Dollar Store and they have Citgo for, of course, $1.00 a quart. I never used it, I assume it would be okay in my old work van for the 3k (or less) OCI I use on it. Is Citgo any good? The 10w-30 said Energy Conserving on the starburst, the 10w-40 didn't.
Don't get the idea we're cheap
, we bought most stuff at the better stores before we hit the discounts. Sears has a California Duster for $9.99 right now btw.
Citgo used to be an Oklahoma-based U.S. oil company. It's currently owned by a Venezualan-based oil consortium. I believe Citgo motor oil is mostly Group-I based, but, still, certified API "SL". Good enough, but not the very best available. If you can find Chevron Supreme or the ChevronTexaco Havoline motor oils at about the same or slightly higher priced, you'd be getting what some consider state of the art dinosaur juices formulated with Group-II/Group-II+* hydro-isomerized base stocks and Chevron's own highly regarded additive package.

*Group-II+ is awfully close to Group-III quality (just slightly lower viscosity index), so, think of these ChevronTexaco produced oils as quite close to a near-synthetic blend for the price of common dino. Do a search on Chevron Supreme UOAs. This stuff, and presumably its Havoline equivalent, appear to be the sleepers of quality dinosaur juice motor oils.

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Citgo is supposed to be decent; good pour and flash points and a dose of moly. It was raved about for effectively 37 cents a quart from pep boys... a deal that might still be in effect! You get a $10 citgo prepaid card with case purchase which you can buy $10 worth of gas with.

Havoline is $.99 at rite aid and $1.00 at family dollar presently. (11/30)
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